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9 Signs You’re An Expert Video Editor

We all like making videos for our pleasure, or you are working on a project that needs a video presentation. Either way, video editing is not for everyone unless you know all the hack-around online tools such as this Online Video Maker. With a lot of uncertainty and struggles surrounding us, it becomes hard to know how good you are in this. Sometimes you are overwhelmed to start, but the truth is, every other expert started somewhere.

Technology and the internet are a part of our daily lives; sites have come up to help you be a great video expert. Online video making allows you to make high-performing videos to boost your business, explainer videos, social media videos, and product videos. 

The site has customized video templates; you can choose over 20M premium photos and HD videos in the visual library. To be an expert, you need support; the site has a 24/7 support staff you can rely on for your video advertising and technical needs.

To be a great video-maker, learn more about technique than tools. It doesn’t matter what equipment you have. You can make professional videos with what you have; you have to be keen on vital details. However, some ways show your expertise in video making. Here are nine signs you’re an expert in online video making.

1. Use Plenty Light

Lighting has a big difference in the quality of your videos. It should be your number one priority during video making. Without enough lighting, your result will look amateurish even when the other aspects are significant. Sun is the best video lighting source; get the best footage in the morning or evening when light is lenient. It’s not best during midday as the sun is overhead and can cast unwanted shadows on your target.

2. Plan Your Videos in Advance

A good video maker plans all his videos. Poor technique and planning leave your viewers overwhelmed with unfinished content. Taking time to plan your video before production ensures the quality of filming your content is as good as the final video. In every video you make, you must have a purpose, target audience, and achievement in making the video.

3. Use a Clear Background

If you are thinking about background when filming, it is a sign you are an online video maker expert. Nothing looks unprofessional, like a messy background. Using a solid-colored background is the easiest way to be professional. Sheets of backdrop papers, walls, or bed sheets are other great options. Ensure your target is standing a few feet away from the background to avoid forming shadows.

4. Your Editing is Simple

There is nothing extraordinary as different effects turning out fun during your video editing. If you find editing styles to be clean and straightforward, it’s no doubt you are a video maker expert. Check out these things during your editing;

  • Adding transitions and background music
  • Cutting awkward silences and pauses
  • Use noise cancel to clear any background distraction.

A simple tip to remember when editing is if you cut from one scene to the other, do it when there is motion. It can be more natural and smoother.

5. Pay Attention to Clear, Crisp Audio

The quality of the audio is more important than the video. Invest in a good microphone that performs well and is durable. Capture the best audio by placing the microphone near the subject. Use pop filters to get rid of crackles and blips on the final recordings. Learn ways to clear background noises like traffic, wind, and birds.

6. Work on Your Camera Presence

If you appear on your online videos, the way you present yourself impacts your content look. If nervousness on camera is not an issue, it’s a good sign you are an expert video maker. How you present yourself on the camera has a way of distracting or attracting viewers to your content.

7. Avoid Shaky Footage

A messy video will make any expert video look amateurish. Holding a camera steady for long is hard; try not to hold it at all. Place the camera on a stiff surface or a tripod, don’t move it until you complete the video or unless it’s necessary. Instead of moving the camera always, cut it from one shot to the next. If the video turns out shaky after all the efforts, use video stabilization software to fix it later.

8. Have a Good Video Editing Program

A good editing program software helps you transform footage into a great video. Simple tools like Adobe Premiere Pro and iMovie are great options. Before choosing any editing software, here is what to consider;

  • Scene transitions
  • Add overlays and filters.
  • Ability to crop and trim videos
  • Library of stock sounds and videos

9. Use your Phone the Right Way

In situations where you cannot afford a camera and know how to use your phone in the right way, it’s enough evidence you are an expert in online video making. You can use your phone to get professional videos; it’s a matter of quality. When you consider your phone for video creation, here are things to consider.

  • If your phone has an overlay grid feature, turn it on to keep your phone at a consistent level when filming.
  • For good quality, use the camera at the back of your phone.
  • Record in landscape mode-to gives your footage a good, more extensive look.


It doesn’t take much effort to be an expert in online video making; it’s all about practicing and using the right techniques to create quality video content. There is no magic in becoming an expert or years of study to make an outstanding video. Start somewhere!


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