An efficient platform for creating applications without code

Flipabit is a special software for computers and cell phones. It allows you to create apps for Android and iOS platforms without using code. Thus, it can be very useful for those who want to learn how to work with programs or want to create an app to make money fast. You can download the program at – it’s completely free.

How to create apps in Flipabit?

To create an application in Flipabit, the client only needs to follow the instructions:

  1. Install the free app builder from the official website.
  2. Choose one of the presented templates or try to create an application from scratch.
  3. Integrate the necessary data, animations or actions.

It should be noted that Flipabit has a very simple and intuitive interface, so even people who have never studied programming before can deal with it. The program includes all the necessary functions and actions, so that the user can give his creation the necessary properties, without the use of JavaScript. The final result can be immediately published on an online store like Google Play and later can be edited by adding new features.

Flipabit is designed so that users feel completely comfortable when using it. All of its features can be used even without an Internet connection, and the client does not need to create separate applications for laptops, phones or other devices. The resulting programs can easily run on any gadget. The user can also get ready models of applications created by other people by connecting to Figma.

Using Flipabit in business

Flipabit can be used to make relatively quick and easy money. A customer can easily add advertising, payments and a shopping cart to their app. It’s important to note that the developer stays the full owner of the app, so the money will always go to him. Flipabit’s versatility allows you to use it to produce ads for anything – from cooking classes to car sales. In addition, the apps are autonomous – if the customer no longer wants to use them and removes the subscription, the programs won’t be affected.

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