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Best-Unlimited Internet Plans for Gamers

Streaming, gaming, socializing, browsing, and downloading need a stable and seamless internet connection. Imagine downloading a large file or streaming your favorite movie and in the middle, your internet speed starts throttling. Your reaction would be unexplainable.

Normally the internet speed throttles when you have exceeded your data limits. It might be due to simultaneous heavy internet usage by all the family members. In today’s era, no one knows how much internet data would be required in a month since the requirements change from time to time.

To avoid this situation, you might need an unlimited data plan. Especially for binge-watchers, hardcore gamers, and avid downloaders, data limit plays a crucial role to meet their requirements. You need to find an internet service provider in your area offering unlimited data. Make sure to check the list of internet service providers offering unlimited data plans and high-speed internet without charging much.

AT&T Fiber

It’s nearly impossible for internet users to stay away from their screens, be it online gaming or movie streaming. If there is a bunch of gamers and streamers at home, having an unlimited data plan is necessary.

AT&T Fiber is undoubtedly the best choice for large households with heavy internet users. It is not only about unlimited data options by AT&T Fiber, but also about a whopping download speed of 940Mbps. Such internet speeds might be a little too much for normal internet users usually involved in browsing, socializing, and watching videos. However, if your home is equipped with IoT devices, cell phones, laptops, gaming PCs, and smart home tech, there is no choice other than to opt for extra bandwidth offered by the Internet 1000.

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AT&T Fiber gives that extra bang for the buck. Especially if you bundle your AT&T fiber internet with DIRECTV or AT&T U-verse, you can save some decent money. If that is not enough, you can bundle it with phone service as well. The deal is well suited for offices and homes wanting to save some bucks off the monthly bills.

The downside to AT&T Fiber is that you need to sign a contract for one year. If for some reason, you decide to terminate the contract, you need to pay $15 for the remaining months left on your contract. Moreover, be ready to pay some additional charges apart from advertised fees that include equipment charges, installation fees, and activation fees.

Plan Price Download Speed Data Cap
Internet 1000 $49.99 per month 940Mbps Unlimited



If you are looking for unlimited internet plans, Spectrum surely deserves a place on our list. Spectrum Internet packages provide unlimited data to its subscribers, no matter what plan they choose. Download speed ranging from 100Mbps to 940Mbps, Spectrum is a great deal for internet users who are not willing to pay extra bucks on something they do not need.

For instance, if you have a small family, and do not require whopping speeds up to 1000Mbps, just subscribe to a basic plan offering 100Mbps or 400Mbps download speed.

Unlike AT&T Fiber, Spectrum offers a no-contract option for its subscribers. Sign up anytime with Spectrum and opt-out whenever you want. No matter, what is the reason you ditch Spectrum internet services, you will not be charged a dime on early termination.

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The downside to Spectrum internet is the unresponsive customer services and download speeds that may be slower than advertised. Moreover, the advertised fees would add up after a year or so. Make sure to do some calculations and do not get overjoyed with the advertised price. Also, consider other charges such as pro installation fees, Wi-Fi activation fees, and self-installation fees. Surely, there are downsides to any of the service providers, whether it be AT&T, Spectrum, or Xfinity.

Plan Price Download Speed Data Cap
Spectrum Internet $49.99 100Mbps Unlimited
Spectrum Internet Ultra $69.99 400Mbps Unlimited
Spectrum Internet Gig $109.99 940Mbps Unlimited



Xfinity another great option for internet users looking for unlimited plans, great speed, and economical prices. However, Xfinity only offers unlimited data caps on the Gigabit Pro plan that offers a whopping speed of up to 2000Mbps. It is not just the advertised speed – you will actually get that much speed.

Xfinity Gigabit Pro plan is not recommended for small households. If you are a very large family with plenty of gamers and HD movie streamers – Xfinity is undoubtedly the best choice. Keep in mind that Xfinity’s prices vary from one location to another. Check the availability in your area, before you finally make the decision.

Unlike Spectrum, Xfinity wants you to sign a contract – that means you have to pay early termination fees in case you opt-out before the contract period. However, you can get a full refund within 30 days without paying termination fees. After that, you need to pay the amount for the remaining time on your contract.

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Apart from advertised fees, also consider adding self-installation fees, professional installation fees, and equipment fees.

Plan Price Download Speed Data Cap
Gigabit Pro $299.95 per month 2000Mbps Unlimited


Summing Up

Subscribing to unlimited plans is ideally the best option, as the usage of the internet is increasing with each passing day. It all depends on you what speed and price you can afford.


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