Best Windows Phone Apps In 2017 – Part 1

Best Windows Phone Apps In 2017 – Part 1 – Mobile – The Windows Phone platform is slowly but steadily growing, and while it might not The Windows Phone
Windows Phone Apps
Windows Phone Apps


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The Windows Phone platform is slowly but steadily growing, and while it might not be as big yet to contend the likes of Android, it is getting there. There has been a considerable measure of new increases to the Windows Store this year and most of them make good use of the great design ethos of the Windows Phone platform.

Here are some of the best Windows Phone apps out this year:

Nokia Pro Cam:

This is among the best ever application discharged for Windows Phone 8 gadgets however is select to Nokia Lumia 2012 and 2013 gadgets like the Lumia 1020.The Lumia 1020 is the best Windows gadget available starting at now, and it comes pre-stacked with Nokia Pro Cam application which gives you a chance to see the last picture even before its clicked It has a lot of options for pro users such as ISO, Exposure, Focus, Shutter Speed and Aperture. The Nokia Lumia 1020 price In India should be around Rs. 35,000 and most consumers cannot wait for it to become available in the country. While the Nokia Pro Cam app will be available for other devices shortly.


Given that Netflix is the most prominent membership benefit for motion pictures and TV shows, it’s not surprising that the Netflix app is one of the best for Windows Phone. The application as of late got a refresh that fixes the vast majority of the current bugs, so now it’s surprisingly better. With this application, you can pick what to watch from a great many choices. You can likewise rate TV shows and motion pictures to get applicable Netflix suggestions.


The Skype application has likewise been around always, be that as it may, as Netflix, it additionally as of late got a refresh to improve video informing. Skype allows you to make calls for free, given that you have a data plan or Wi-Fi. You can also IM, send files, share screens, and send video messages to friends who are offline.


The Nook application is incredible on the grounds that it gives you a chance to choose from more than 3 million Nook eBooks, 1 million of which are free, and read the eBook s on your Windows Phone gadget. You can alter font, font size, and line spacing. One nice feature about this app is that if you are using it from multiple devices, the page that you leave off at is the page that you start at once more.


Ignite additionally gives you a chance to have entry to bunches of eBooks, more than 1 million. You can alter the background color of the book, number of text columns displayed, and font size. Kindle lets you pin your books to your Windows Start screen for easy access. Moreover, Kindle likewise is good crosswise over gadgets. The page you end at on one gadget is the page you begin at on another.

Bing Translator:

Bing Translator is a truly effective interpretation application that can decipher content and pictures with content. You can translate images with text by simply taking a picture with your camera. The translation is near instantaneous as long as the text in the image is printed and clear. Bing Translator additionally offers content to discourse, which enables clients to hear interpretations in a local speaker’s voice.

Adobe Photoshop Express:

It’s advantageous to have the capacity to settle photographs on your phone, rather than uploading them to your computer before sharing. This application enables you to do that and it’s anything but difficult to utilize. You can add filters, adjust the color, use several auto-fix features, or other basic features, like crop, rotate, and flip. There are extra packs that you can get the opportunity to get greater usefulness, for example, the Adobe Noise Reduction Pack.

Bejeweled LIVE:

If you’re looking for a fun, addictive Windows Phone game, look no further. This is a classic game where the objective is to match 3 gems. This fast-paced game has three different modes: Classic, Diamond, and a Butterfly mode, where the objective is to save butterflies from a spider. This is a game that would be fun for the whole family.

Hulu Plus:

Hulu Plus is another great option for users looking to view TV shows and movies from their Windows Phone device. If you have a favorite show, you can pin it to your Windows Start screen so that you can access it easily.

This year brought about many solid, captivating apps for Windows Phone devices. Windows app development is only going to keep increasing as long as powerful Windows Phone devices keep coming out.


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