How to bypass iPhone Fingerprint scanner

How to bypass iPhone Fingerprint scanner - Hacking - Unlock and bypass iPhone ios fingerprint scanner (sensor) screen lock security

Unlock and bypass iPhone ios fingerprint scanner (sensor) screen lock security by ios unlocking hack 2016. However, Apple is known to make some uncommon gadgets that likewise perform up truly well, are additionally exceptionally secure to be utilized but in case of smartphones that are using up the fingerprint sensors doesn’t go prove up so. These gadgets utilizes the fingerprint sensors to unlock/lock the smartphone device henceforth it ought to be exceptionally sheltered as just single individual can use to open up the gadget. But because of some flaws there are some ways by which even others can also gain access to the device by bypassing the fingerprint sensor security. Here in this article we will enlighten you regarding the different strategies by which you can likewise bypass the fingerprint sensor security and unlock the device too if it is locked. Experience the article that is offered underneath to think about these different techniques.

How to bypass iPhone Fingerprint scanner:

iOS 7 Loophole

In this technique you simply bypass the security of the fingerprint scanner on the iOS 7 gadgets by utilizing some different combinations of hardware buttons that are on the device. The hardware button combination that you can use with the iOS 7 gadget is given below:

“Control center>Clock>hold Power Button>Cancel on Shutdown Screen>Double tap home button”

After processing the above button commands you will achieve the multitasking view and from that point you can easily access contacts, gallery, camera etc. You just need to do up the button combinations very correctly so as to bypass the fingerprint scanner unless you will not see anything on your screen.

Using Victim’s Fingerprint

This might sound very awkward as you cannot even thought of hat the victim will give you access to his device by using his own fingerprints but the real thing is that you will not has to get up the real finger of the victim to hack his device but you will need only a clear photo of his finger or thumb itself.This is what you can really do somehow, and after that you will has to get that pic of the fingerprint to make up the fake finger with victim’s fingerprints.This is possible as you can make this up just using the fingerprints from the picture that you has to click.This could not be the easy task but with this you has 100% chances to hack the victim’s device by bypassing the fingerprint scanner.


You could be feeling your iPhone device to be very safe while using up the fingerprint sensor but after reading up the above article you may get to know that even the fingerprint sensors can be bypassed to get access to any iPhone device too.While if you are facing any logging issue while using fingerprint sensor then also you can use the above tricks to log on to your device and access it easily.

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