How To Change The Default Programs Using Ubuntu
In this manual i can display you how to alternate the default application associated with a selected file kind inside ubuntu. There are a couple of ways


In this manual i can display you how to alternate the default application associated with a selected file kind inside ubuntu.

There are a couple of ways to acquire this purpose and i can present the two easiest options.

Change the default application for common programs

You could trade the default packages for the following document types from the details display screen inside the ubuntu settings.

  • Web browser
  • Mail patron
  • Calendar
  • Tune
  • Video
  • Photos

To accomplish that click on the icon at the ubuntu launcher which seems like a cog with a spanner going thru it.

From the “all settings” screen click at the info icon that’s on the lowest row and also has a cogs icon.

The information display screen has a listing of 4 settings:

  • Assessment
  • Default programs
  • Removable media
  • Legal note

Click on on “default programs”.

You will see the 6 default applications indexed and as of ubuntu sixteen.04 these are as follows:

  • Firefox
  • Thunderbird mail
  • Calendar
  • Rhythmbox
  • Motion pictures
  • Photo viewer

To exchange one of the settings click on the drop down arrow and pick one of the other alternatives to be had. If there is only one choice it way you do not have a applicable opportunity available.

Choosing default applications for removable media

Click on the “detachable media” choice from the “information” display.

You may see a default list of five options:

  • Cd audio
  • Dvd video
  • Track player
  • Pix
  • Software

With the aid of default they all are set to “ask what to do” besides for “software” which is set to run the software.

Clicking at the dropdown for any of the alternatives offers a list of endorsed applications to run for that option.

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As an example clicking on cd audio will show rhythmbox as a recommended utility.

You could both click on this or choose from such a options:

  • Other application
  • Ask what to do
  • Do not anything
  • Open folder

The “different application” alternative brings up a list of all the programs hooked up on the device. You could also pick to find an application which takes you to the gnome package deal supervisor.

If you do not want to be precipitated otherwise you do not need any motion to arise whilst you insert media test the “by no means set off or start packages on media insertion”.

The final choice in this display screen is “other media…”.

This brings up a window with drop downs. The first drop down lets you pick out the type (i.E. Audio dvd, clean disc, ebook reader, windows software program, video cd etc). The second drop down asks you what you desire to do with it. The options are as follows:

  • Ask what to do
  • Do nothing
  • Open folder
  • Different application

Changing default programs for different report sorts

An opportunity manner to pick out a default utility is to use the “documents” file manager.

Click at the icon that seems like a filing cabinet and navigate through the folder shape until you discover a document that you want to change the default utility for. As an example navigate to the song folder and locate an mp3 file.

Proper click on the record, pick out “open with” after which both pick one of the applications indexed or pick out “other software”.

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A new window will seem called “recommended packages”.

You could choose one of the encouraged programs indexed however you could have finished that from the “open with” menu.

If you click on the “view all programs” button a list of each application may be shown. The probabilities are that none of these are relevant to the document kind you’re the usage of otherwise it would be indexed as a encouraged utility.

A higher button to use is the “discover new applications” button. Clicking this button brings up the gnome package deal manager with a list of applicable applications for that report type.

Leaf through the listing and click deploy subsequent to the program you desire to put in.

You may want to close the gnome package deal supervisor after the software has installed.

You may note that the endorsed applications now carries your new software. You can click on it to make it the default.

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