How To Customize The Enlightenment Desktop – Part 4 – Windows

Personalize the enlightenment computing device - part four - windows .Welcome to element four of the enlightenment computer customization guide.

Personalize the enlightenment computing device – part four – windows

Welcome to element four of the enlightenment computer customization guide.

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This week’s guide is all approximately window management and in particular customizing the windows display

To get commenced left click on the enlightenment desktop and choose “settings -> settings panel”. Expand the settings home windows and select the home windows icon alongside the pinnacle.

There are 7 home windows setting displays:

  • Window show
  • Window awareness
  • Window geometry
  • Window list menu
  • Window remembers
  • Window process control
  • Window switcher.

Window show

The photo above shows the primary tab on the window show settings display screen.

This display screen has 4 tabs:

  • Show
  • New home windows
  • Shading
  • Display limits

The show tab lets you set whether you want a bit message to seem showing the dimensions of an application window as you hover over it. You could additionally pick out to have a message displaying the size of a window as you resize it.

Virtually take a look at the “show statistics” checkbox under “pass geometry” to show the position of a window as you move it.

In case you need the message to follow the window as you pass it additionally check the container for “follows the window” below “circulate geometry.”

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In case you want the message to expose the scale of the window as you resize it test the “display records” checkbox below “resize geometry”. Once more if you need the message to observe the window take a look at the box for “follows the window” underneath “resize geometry.”

New home windows

The brand new windows tab we could you make a decision in which new home windows open. There are four places in which a new window can open:

  • Smart placement – basically enlightenment decides the exceptional vicinity
  • Don’t conceal gadgets – home windows appear in order that on-screen gadgets aren’t hidden
  • Place at mouse pointer – puts the window where the mouse pointer is at the display screen
  • Area manually with the mouse – location the window your self with the mouse

There are two other checkboxes on this display. One lets you open new home windows so that it’s far grouped with home windows of the equal application.

The opposite will mechanically transfer to the desktop of the new window when it’s far opened. You would possibly think that this will be the window you’re presently on due to the fact that is where you’re beginning the utility but when you have chosen the group with home windows of the equal software they may be on every other desktop.


That is a cosmetic putting and surely defines the size and fashion of the shading.

You can pick out whether the shading is animated or not by way of checking the “animate” checkbox. To alternate the scale of the shading slide the slider control to the wide variety of pixels you want shaded.

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The alternative options at the display let making a decision how the shading is to be implemented:

  • Linear
  • Boost up, then decelerate
  • Boost up
  • Slow down
  • Reported accelerate
  • Said slow down
  • Said boost up and then decelerate
  • Jump
  • Leap extra

I should try to provide an explanation for these results to you but it without a doubt is a case of attempting them out and deciding on the only that suits your desires the quality.

Display limits

The display screen limits tab shall we you decide how windows react with the brink of the display.

The options are to permit windows to completely depart the display, partially leave the screen or stay in the barriers of the display screen.

All you need to do is pick out an appropriate radio button.

When you have completed converting settings click on the “practice” button or the “ok” button to store them.


As i undergo this collection of tutorials about enlightenment it’s far turning into more and more clean that there are a big array of settings and each single factor may be tweaked.

Have you ever tried bodhi linux yet? If now not, it’s miles sincerely well worth a cross.

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