How to Detect and Remove Keyloggers From Computer

How to Detect and Remove Keyloggers From Computer - PC - The keylogger symptoms have much in the same way as the side effects of another PC virus.

How to Detect and Remove Keyloggers From Computer – In this post i will disclose to you the technique to recognize keylogger and remove it from your PC. Steps to remove or distinguishing keylogger from your PC are below. You should follow the conduct of you PC so as to locate the regular virus symptoms because the keylogger symptoms have much in the same way as the side effects of another PC virus. We can refer slow moderate PC execution, new icons on your desktop or in tray, network movement and surprising pop-ups to these indications. Likewise, you can see that the content that you write can show up with little delay – this is the immediate side effect that will help you in keystroke logger recognition.

To Detect and Remove Keyloggers From Computer

Open Task Manager in order to end the process of the installed keylogger. You should know that not every keylogger can be found in Task Manager. Many of them hide their traces. But you should still check the possibility to end its process.

Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE, then select Task Manager in the menu.

Select Processes tab, scroll the list. Find the process that is called winlogon.exe. One process with such a name is a normal thing, but if you have 2 processes with the same name, then you have a keylogger.

Highlight the second winlogon.exe and click End process (you should end only the second process with such a name) If there is just one process with such a name, then you should check all other processes, using the special services that contain information about most of the processes to detect the malicious one.

1) You can use Liutilities, Neuber or any other service that you know. If you are an experienced user, then it will be much easier for you to check the processes, because you will not miss the system process with any malicious.

How to Detect and Remove Keyloggers From Computer – In the event that you end the procedure that has a place with keylogger, then the program is deactivated till the following reboot and the outsider won’t get your own data. You should likewise look through the list of the installed programs. In this way, click Start menu, then All projects, attempt to discover there the program that you didn’t install.

Uninstall such projects. How to recognize keylogger? You can likewise distinguish this malicious program with the help of Startup list. Along these lines, you should take after the directions: Press Windows+R buttons, then type msconfig in the line and press Enter Select Startup tab and disable all the obscure projects Then restart your PC.

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