Determining Fault In a Parking Lot Accident 

Determining Fault In a Parking Lot Accident

While parking lot accidents happen at low speeds, they can still cause damage and injuries.

All accident laws still apply in parking lot accidents, and the fault is determined according to the same rules as any other vehicle accident. So, who’s at fault in a parking lot accident? Here are ways to determine fault:

Same Parking Spot Collision

Two cars may be heading for the same parking spot simultaneously and collide. When this happens, the driver who crosses the traffic lanes will be at fault. This is because they ought to have yielded to the other vehicle turning into the parking spot.

Other factors also apply in such a situation:

  • How far was each car from the parking spot?
  • The point of impact of the accident.

Pulling Out or into the Parking Lot

Drivers have to ensure the road is safe and clear before backing out. However, in certain cases, two vehicles can collide on the opposite sides of the same line and back out. When this happens, the driver who exited the parking lot first isn’t at fault.

The driver that followed later should have taken care and observed the moving vehicle before deciding to back out.

Colliding with a Parked Car

Sometimes you may be backing out or getting into the parking lot and collide with an already parked car. The parked car’s owner won’t be at fault in this case.

However, if the car door was open while parked, you may have to share the damage expense with the offending vehicle.

Moving Out of the Parking Spot into the Oncoming Traffic

Whether using secure parking or not, you must move out of the parking spot to leave the parking lot. In this scenario, you can easily collide with the oncoming traffic. In this case, the driver leaving the parking spot is at fault.

However, the fault is shareable if the oncoming driver was overspeeding, could have avoided the collision, or was texting while driving.

Cars Leaving the Parking Lot and those Moving on the Through-Lane

If you are moving from the parking lot and approaching the through lane, you need to give way to the cars moving through the through lane. You will be at fault if there is a collision between your car and the car on the through-lane.

However, the car exiting the parking lot will get the right of way if they put up a “STOP” sign. And the driver on the through-lane will be at fault for failing to honor the stop sign.

Get Secure Parking

All car accidents are dangerous regardless of where they occur or at what speed the collision happened. Therefore, understanding and knowing what to do should you get involved in an accident, especially in parking lot accidents, is vital.

You mustn’t admit fault or apologize after involvement in a parking lot accident. This may prematurely seal your fate when there might be assuaging factors you will only know of until later.

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