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Free Online Plagiarism Checker with Percentage!

A good plagiarism checker should have a percentage reporting feature in it as it has its own interesting advantages and can be very much helpful for a user if you are simply looking for a tool that is free but is also capable of producing error-free and accurate results along with a complete percentage report then you are in the right page. Now in this three-minute content, we will try our best to make sure that you learn about plagiarism checking and its importance along with the complete details about the best plagiarism checker that can help you with this problem once and for all!

As we all know that text is very much an important part of our today’s life especially when we are talking about websites, without proper, unique text, you should know that they are similar to bodies without having souls and same is the case if you have duplication in your website content. You guys should know that if you have plagiarism in your content, then neither the web users nor the search engine will have any interest in your site. There is a certain percentage of plagiarism that is tolerated in content writing, may it be for websites or academia, but if you exceed that percentage, then you can get into serious penalties.

To save yourself from all of the negative consequences and penalties with respect to plagiarism you should use the best tool that can help you with the issue once and for all, especially nowadays you should note that there are other types of plagiarism than verbatim that you have to worry about and for this very reason we want you to start reading the details of the best plagiarism checker tool below!

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Plagiarism Checker by Search Engine Reports!

The plagiarism checker by search engine reports is a tool that works like magic and has effects like it too! The tool is so accurate and efficient in providing results related to plagiarism that it looks unreal, but the truth is that this tool uses the most advanced logical algorithms on the internet to detect duplication in your content. Now you don’t have to worry about fake results. Unlike other plagiarism tools, we have seen many cases where plagiarism tools free/paid on the web have produced results regarding the authenticity of the document, and later on, it resulted in an accusation of plagiarism.

You should know that this plagiarism checker tool uses artificial intelligence to check your content for any small percentage of plagiarism. When you enter your text in the tool, it uses the split and checks mantra which means that it, first of all, breaks your text into small phrases of mere four to six words and these individual phrases are then taken as input and are compared with the huge and updated database of the tool. The working of the tool is swift and easy, and you don’t have to worry about it at all!

Steps to use plagiarism checker by Search Engine Reports!

To use the plagiarism checker tool by SER, you don’t need to go through any sign-ups, nor you need to register yourself with the tool, and that is why it is liked more by people all around the globe. The tool is completely free, and the steps below will teach you its operation from scratch.

  1. Go to this tool and look around the interface carefully, you will immediately grasp it and will see multiple methods or options in which you can input the content that you want to compare.
  2. You can type down the content in the text box, and you can paste it from your clipboard, you can upload docs from your gallery, Dropbox, Google Drive and you can also use URLs to check for plagiarism. Use the option that suits you best.
  3. Now when you are done with the input of text, you just have to click on the “check for plagiarism” button below the box, and the tool will scan your text and will get you percentage results within less than a few seconds!
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Now you should know a little more detail about the percentage feature of the tool so that you can be aware of its better utilization before operating it for free when the tool produces results you get to see your content in two tones of red and green. The green highlighted text stands for the text that is original and has no duplication, and on the other hand, the red text is the one that has plagiarism in it. You will also get to know about the exact source from where the red content matches. The tool will tell you about the exact percentage of the original text and also the plagiarized one. You can fix your content with the help of this online plagiarism checker tool!

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