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Mattress Innovations – The Latest Mattress Technology

Studies and clinical research show that adequate sleep greatly affects health. But have you been trying to develop good sleeping habits to no avail? Are you experiencing more back and muscle pains now more than ever? Your mattress could be the culprit.

 The good thing today is the availability of new mattress innovations to support your sleep quality. In this post, you’ll discover the types currently available on the market, such as Casper and latex beds, and choose a type that suits your health needs.

 Mattress Innovations

In the past, the innerspring technology was the mainstream type. Even today, it is still used in many major brands. However, many users often point out that this tech has disadvantages that affect sleep quality, one of which is the lack of movement separation.

 Although innerspring mattresses can still be found in many stores, the following types are now available to improve the sleeping quality of sleepers:

 1. Memory Foam

Memory foam is created out of polyurethane, which is a kind of polymer. It is a high-density material that’s also used in most car seats and sofas. It is more durable than spring mattresses, and it comes in different types—gel, traditional, and open cell.

 Memory foam is also hypoallergenic. More people also prefer to use this mattress type for its viscoelasticity. Foam that’s viscoelastic takes cue from body heat and pressure, softens its own material, and creates a mould of your body. This supports sleep alignment while sleeping, which is extremely beneficial for those with joint pain and arthritis.

 2. Latex Foam

Unlike the memory foam that’s made of synthetic material, latex foam is made from rubber tree sap. The sap is sustainably harvested, whipped to create froth, and poured into moulds. Also, latex foam comes in different varieties and firmness.

 Luxurious comfort is the prime inspiration behind the creation of latex mattress. It has a body contouring feature that aids superior spine support and alignment. Also, it is temperature regulating, anti-bacterial, and hypo-allergenic. It is eco-friendly, sustainably-sourced, and durable.

 3. Pocket Springs

A pocket spring mattress consists of separate springs enclosed in fabric pockets. Each pocket functions independently, which minimises the transfer of movement when sleeping. Also, this gives the user personalised weight support.

 Pocket spring mattress is beneficial for those who share the mattress with someone else. It has consistent firmness and gives total body support. It also comes in different spring counts, usually between 600 to 6000 pocket springs.

 4. Smart Beds

Smart bed is the result of leveraging technology to enhance people’s sleep quality. The mattress is equipped with sensors, which record and analyse the user’s sleeping patterns and statistics. The sleep info are recorded, stored, and delivered to the user’s smartphone.

 A smart bed is equipped with buttons for position adjustments, such as raising the leg to improve blood circulation. It utilises app integration technology to power up its other functions, such as the self-making feature, sleep pattern tracking, and air chambers.

 5. Hybrid Types

Hybrid types are any combination of the other types. The common ones are the innerspring memory foam, innerspring latex, and polyfoam latex. As combinations, hybrid types can give users a wide range of benefits. And the good news for people is the availability of hybrid types in many stores and brands, such as Casper.

 Mattress Cover Innovations

Bed cover innovations start to emerge along with the innovations of mattress creation. Two of the common ones are silver-infused and Celliant-infused.

 Silver-infused bed covers are hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. Also, it keeps heat and moisture away, giving the user a drier and cooler sleeping experience.

 Meanwhile, a Celliant-infused bed cover is well-loved for its capacity to recycle infrared light and turn it into energy, which could be used by the sleeper. This allows the sleeper to maintain a good body temperature and enjoy better sleep quality.

 Sleep quality is a crucial aspect of health. If you can’t seem to get a good sleep quality despite having a healthy lifestyle, consider replacing your mattress. Contact a reliable manufacturer or seller, such as Casper, to take a look at existing brands and types. It also helps to visit a physician first to know if you have any muscle, back, and posture problems to be aware of. Then, choose a mattress that will help you address these health issues.

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