How to Block Unknown Callers in iPhone Natively

How to Block Unknown Callers in iPhone Natively - Mobile - iPhones provide a simple approach to block callers by their numbers; so, if you get a spam call

iPhones provide a simple approach to block callers by their numbers; so, if you get a spam call, you can effortlessly block it. In any case, what if you simply didn’t need any calls from those pesky unknown callers, and no caller ID numbers? Unluckily, there is no straight way to that, yet. However, don’t worry, we have got your back. As it turns out, there is a simple work around that will naturally block any calls from unknown callers, and those “No Caller ID” numbers on your iPhone:

Block Unknown Callers using Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb is a very valuable feature in iPhones. It permits you to focus on whatever task you have at hand, and not get distracted by your phone constantly lighting up, and playing notification tones, each time you get a message or a call. Do Not Disturb can be scheduled, or it can be turned on automatically. So, here is how you can utilize Do Not Disturb mode to block calls from unknown callers, and no caller ID numbers:

  • On your iPhone, go to “Settings -> Do Not Disturb“. Here, flip the switch next to“Manual”to “On”.Settings Do Not Disturb


  • Now, tap on “Allow Calls From“. By default, this would probably be set to “Favorites“. Change it to “All Contacts“.Allow Calls From
  • Go back, and under the section that says “Silence“, select “Always“. This will ensure that you don’t get calls from unknown callers, even if you’re using the phone, and the screen is on.

Silence Always


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That’s it. Since you have Do Not Disturb mode on, it won’t inform you of calls from unknown callers, and no caller ID numbers. You can now get back to working, and not get annoyed by anyone who is not in your contacts list. No more of those annoying spam calls for you! Enjoy!

Bonus: Repeated Calls

The only drawback of utilizing a workaround such as this one, is that you will not get notices for genuine calls that are made from a number which is not in your contacts list. While that may be okay, it could be a problem if the other person is in an emergency, and wants your help. So, in the Do Not Disturb section, ensure that you turn on “Repeated Calls“.

repeated calls

All this does, is, if someone calls you from an unknown number, and afterward calls you once more, within three minutes, your iPhone won’t block that call, and will notify you about an incoming call. So, unless spammers again and again call numbers in your area, you can safely turn this on, and only be bothered by unknown callers, who truly do want to converse with you.


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