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How to Convert BTC to USD

Switchere is a relatively new virtual platform that allows you to quickly convert USD into BTC and the other way around. This online selling point serves as a simple non-custodial gateway to cryptocurrency exchange.

Can you really rely on the USD to BTC converter like Yes, you can. Keep reading to know the reason!

Convert BTC to USD on

When it comes to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, Estonia has become one of the most advanced countries. No wonder it has come up with the idea to develop an online converter like to convert dollar to bitcoin. In fact, it has turned into the best place to convert all the existing currency, including crypto, euro, and dollar. Thanks to favorable conditions, cryptocurrency cannot be exchanged anonymously without id verification.

At, customer loyalty is considered to be the top priority for this online wallet. Crypto exchange services are based on fast and easy access, instant reaction, international AML/KYC compliance, and secure delivery method. Bypassing the registration on the website, you automatically join their Cashback Program, where you are eligible for winning cashback (up to 1%) bonuses on every dollar to btc or usd to bitcoin exchange made on this platform. If you decide to buy some USD by using your BTC, you need to create an account on the site. The registration process is free of charge and does not take much of your time. As long as you need to use your MasterCard, Visa Card, Credit or Debit Card, as well as Prepaid Bank Card, you surely worry about safety measures. Swithere keeps the whole procedure of purchase in three steps.

  1. Select the currencies you want to trade, enter the lowest amounts, and click on “Buy” button.
  2. Enter your crypto wallet address. If you don’t have one, you can use a mobile app, desktop wallet software, or a web wallet.
  3. Specify the number of your credit card to finalize the purchase.
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When the payment is complete, you get your money sent to your wallet within a few minutes. As you can see, the whole process is really quick. Just don’t forget that unverified accounts have a limitation for smaller than EUR 100 transactions. If you are planning to buy more, you will have to create an account and go through more levels of verification.

Closing Note

Switchere is probably the easiest way to send your BTC and receive USD without an extra fee to be paid. The easy of use and speed of processing are crucial characteristics of Switchere that let you manage your funds instantly. The whole process goes via three steps which can be managed even by beginners. What’s good is that you don’t have to pay excessive sums of money to exchange the currencies. Even if you have any difficulties, professional customer support will assist you in any question you have.

Generally, Switchere converter is an est mechanism for professional traders and newcomers to the world of cryptocurrencies. To understand how convenient in use it is, you need to try it once.


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