To Buy or Not To Buy: How Professional Product Photos Impact Your Sales

How Professional Product Photos Impact Your Sales

It’s totally possible to answer the question in the headline in a single word: positively. Product photos that are made professionally and with a pinch of creativity affect the sales in your ecommerce very positively. So, this is already a reason to order a good photo session and make your products look their best Pro Photo Studio.

But analytics is more than one word. It’s a whole array of aspects and nuances that prompt what can be enhanced and what is unnecessary for this particular product. For this reason, understanding how exactly images affect sales in terms of quality and quantity is vital for improving your page and welcoming more new customers.

Quantity Matters

Numbers say it all: around one-fifth of the population of the globe buys online. It means they rely on indirect contact with the product while making a decision. In other words, they focus on photographs, and then on descriptions, before hitting the Buy button.

We mention images first because almost 90% of buyers name them as the most important factor impacting their desire to purchase. Amazon, Etsy, and similar big platforms’ users agree that visual representation is a key in product marketing.

When refurbished with high-quality or additional images, a typical eCommerce experiences a boost in sales ranging from %20 to %30 compared to the initial level. Such growth results in an increase in revenues.

78% of buyers say that they need the image to bring the goods to life, but it will be discussed a bit further. Now we focus on numbers solely.

What are the numbers related to the images themselves?

The optimal number of images per product is between 4 and 8. 1-2 photos per item look suspicious to users.

HD image is better than mid- and low-quality. A viewer should be able to see close-ups, the minute details, textures, and small letters. Poor-quality and small-sized images are a sign of a fraudulent seller, as online shoppers explain.

One 360° video is worth a thousand words. But if you cannot upload videos, provide a panoramic 360° image with a rotation option. It will bring an experience similar to holding an item in hand and examining it carefully.

Quality Matters

Now more about bringing the product to life. As customers buy online, they want the pictures to provide the ‘feel’ of the item, what it looks like, its relative size, the prompts of its smell or taste, ideas on how to use it, and how it will improve their lives – all packed into a few images.

That’s why you can find plenty of images of cosmetics featuring raw components like vanilla, oils, or herbs placed next to the bottles or tubes. Citrusy soaps and bath creams feature – you get it – a freshly sliced orange, lavender oil or hand cream will be placed next to a bunch of lavender flowers. Visual clues cause a stronger reaction and interplay of associations than a textual description does.

A cozy bed or armchair with a soft plaid, a couple of designer candles, a bunch of fresh lavender, and a set of lavender body care products tell a story of comfort, relaxation, me-time, and the aroma of lavender as a feature of products. Those who like similar experiences will be definitely hooked – and will buy, at least for the sake of the story the image tells. That’s how really good product photography works.

But even if you cannot include a lifestyle shot, you can add one detail, a touch that will bring the product to life. Even if it will be a single lavender or jasmine sprig.

So when you plan a shooting session, think about what you can incorporate to achieve this effect of ‘life’ that helps customers imagine this product in their daily environment and routines. It is this twist of creativity that produces the best pictures persuading people to buy.

And finally, if you wonder who can accomplish the important task of making really great photography, get in touch with our professional product photographers. Their ample experience and an eye for the cool styling will make your product images true eye-catchers among the rest.

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