How to Remove, Change, and Set Default Apps in Android

Chances are that you simply want certain apps on your Android phone to handle specific actions. this is often where default apps come in: they permit you to settle on what browser, SMS service, email client, and other apps open once you load related content.

We’ll explain everything you would like to understand about default apps in Android, including the way to adjust your default apps, change how links open, remove default apps, and more.

What Are Default Apps?

If you’re not aware, default apps allow you to settle on which apps handle certain actions on your device. for instance , you would possibly have multiple Android browsers installed. once you tap on a link without a default set, your phone will ask which browser you’d wish to open it with, since you’ve got several apps which will handle it.

There are many categories that employment this manner , and setting default apps saves you from having to select which app to use whenever . Let’s see what happens once you don’t have a default app set, then we’ll examine the way to adjust default apps.

How to Set New Default Apps on Android

When you attempt to launch something that doesn’t have a default app set, or install a replacement app which will handle the action, you’ll see a prompt to pick which app to use, as shown below.

f you would like to line the suggested app as your default for this action, tap Always to use that app and set it because the default for the longer term . Choose just one occasion if you would like to use that app without setting it because the default.

To use another app, select it from the list that appears below. That one will appear because the first choice next time you’re taking this action, allowing you to line it because the default if you would like .

How to Review and alter Default Apps on Android

On stock Android 10, you’ll find the default apps menu at Settings > Apps & notifications > Advanced > Default apps. This could be slightly different counting on your device or Android version.

Here, you’ll see your current default apps for a spread of categories:

Assist app: The smart assistant for voice control, analysis of what’s on your screen, and similar. Examples includes Google Assistant and Alexa.

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Browser app: wont to open links you tap. Examples include Chrome and Firefox.

Caller ID & spam app: wont to identify calls and block spammers. Examples include Google’s Phone app and Truecaller.

Home app: Your default launcher that permits you to access and organize apps on your phone. Examples include Pixel Launcher and Nova Launcher.

Phone app: Handles making and receiving calls. Examples include Google’s Phone app and Simpler Dialer.

SMS app: Allows you to send and manage text messages. Examples include Google’s Messages app and Pulse SMS.

Tap a category to review the apps you’ve got installed for that purpose. If you’ve got quite one installed, select which app you’d wish to set as default.

From now on, any applicable content you open will use that app. as an example , if you modify your default phone app, it’ll launch once you tap a telephone number on the online .

Keep in mind that there are more categories than these. for instance , if you put in a third-party camera app, once you use a shortcut to open the camera (like pressing the facility button twice on a Pixel phone), your phone will ask you which of them camera app you’d wish to use.

How to Remove Default Android Apps

If you don’t want an app to act because the default for love or money , you’ll clear all default settings for it. to try to to this, head to Settings > Apps & notifications > See all X apps and choose the app you’d wish to remove defaults for.

Once you’re on the app page, expand the Advanced section and tap Open by default. If the app is about to default for any action, you’ll see a transparent defaults button at rock bottom of the page. Tap this to clear that setting.

Choose Default Apps for Opening Links

The above covers the essentials for default apps on Android, but there’s another aspect you ought to know about: app links.

When you tap an internet site link and have that service’s app installed, your phone can attend supported URLs within the appropriate app rather than your browser. for instance , once you tap a YouTube link, you almost certainly want to observe the video within the YouTube app. this is often referred to as “deep linking” in Android development.

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While you can’t change which apps open certain URLs, you’ll choose whether links open in your browser or the acceptable app.

Change Link Opening Settings

To change how links open in Android, return to the Default apps page you visited earlier. Here, tap Opening links to review these settings.

At the top, you’ll toggle the moment apps feature, which allows you to use some apps without actually installing them.

Open supported links allows you to settle on whether you would like to open compatible URLs within the app. Choose Open during this app to try to to so, or Don’t open during this app to always open in your browser. Ask whenever allows you to decide as required .

If you’re curious which URLS the app can open, tap Supported links to ascertain an inventory . as an example , YouTube in fact opens links, also as and

Disabling In-App Browsers

There’s one other setting to think about for default link behavior. Many popular apps, including Gmail, Telegram, Twitter, and Slack, include their own in-app browsers. this suggests that webpages you launch in these apps load in their own browser window rather than the acceptable app or your default browser.

Opening a page using an in-app browser where you’re not logged in to any sites is typically annoying, so we recommend turning these off for best results. the situation varies for every app, but you’ll usually find it as a setting named something like Use in-app browser or Open links externally.

For example, within the Twitter app, you’ll find the choice at Settings and privacy > Display and sound > Use in-app browser.

Expand Default Apps With Third-Party Solutions

For most people, the built-in default app options in Android are enough. If you’d wish to add more functionality, a couple of apps can help.

Better Open With

This app allows you to line preferred apps that you simply can override at any time. Launch it and you’ll see a series of categories, like Audio Files, Browser, Dialer, and Emails.

After selecting a category, tap the star next to your preferred app. Use the attention icon to cover any apps you don’t want to use. within the Browser section, you’ll also use the dropdown box at the highest to settle on specific settings for sites like YouTube and Twitter.

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While this is often handy, Better Open With has some issues. At the time of writing, it hasn’t seen an update since June 2018. When launched on Android 10, you’ll see a warning that the app isn’t designed for contemporary versions of Android. There’s also an unsightly recorder at rock bottom of the app due to this.

Aside from version compatibility, it can’t handle all kinds of actions either—SMS may be a noticeable omission. Still, the app is completely free, so it’s worth a try if you wish the thought .

Download: Better Open With (Free)

Open Link With…

Want more control over changing the default app for links? Open Link With… allows you to open links within the proper apps when Android doesn’t roll in the hay automatically. this is often helpful when a YouTube or Twitter link opens in your browser rather than the corresponding app.

Once installed, launch Open Link With… and rehearse the tutorial. At the top , grant the app usage access for best performance. Once that’s done, you won’t got to worry about it again until you would like to open a link with another app.

When you do, tap the three-dot Menu button in your browser and choose Share. Select Open Link With… and you’ll see an inventory of compatible apps for that sort of link. Choose just one occasion if you would like to be asked again next time, or Always to associate that sort of link with an app permanently.

While this is often almost like the built-in functionality, if you’ve got issues with links opening properly or want to open an equivalent sorts of content in several apps regularly (maybe you employ two different Twitter clients), it’s worth a glance .

Download: Open Link With… (Free)

Master Default Apps on Android

Now you recognize the way to take hold of your default apps on Android. Most of the time, you ought to be ready to set these and ditch them unless you discover a replacement favorite app. But you’ve got options for more control if the fundamentals don’t get the work done.