How to Use Ordertracker for Shipment Tracking with Ease Via Yemen ?

How to Use Ordertracker for Shipment Tracking with Ease Via Yemen ?

Track A Parcel Shipped By Yanwen With One Simple Tracking Tool

The transition from analog to digital has been a game changer for so many sectors of the global economy. It has opened up new opportunities in the areas of growth, development, jobs, and sustainability. This transition became imperative when the analog world could no longer sustain the growing demands of the global population. Among all sectors, the commerce sector stood out in its digitization efforts. Traditionally, commerce was limited to physical markets that involved the exchange of goods and services for cash. But with digitalization, the process has become more automated and electronic. Sellers could now break the physical barrier and reach a wider market audience through the internet. As e-commerce continues to grow and gain popularity, parcel tracking has become a challenge it must tackle to maintain its sustainability. Yanwen, the Chinese leading logistics company, has its own parcel tracking system, but the Yanwen Tracking page on Ordertracker’s websites offer much more information regarding Yanwen parcels.

The One Simple Tracking Tool

When ordering a product from popular Chinese e-commerce platforms like AliExpress or Joybuy, you are mostly required to select a shipment option. This shipment option decides how your goods will be delivered and who will be carrying out the delivery. With Yanwen being the fastest and most reliable shipping platform, it will most likely be your preferred choice.

Once your order has been packaged and is ready for shipment, Yanwen picks up the order from the vendor. Your order is then assigned a Yanwen tracking code for easy identification and tracking. The tracking code is a 13-digit code consisting of four letters and nine numbers, e.g VP356982801YP. Note that they mostly end with YP.

You can track your order using an in-house tracking system of Yanwen. When your order arrives in your country, Yanwen usually hands over the parcel to a local courier, who most of the time changes the tracking number. Due to the change in the tracking number, customers prefer to use Ordertracker rather than the Yanwen tracking, which can only understand the Yanwen tracking number.

Ordertracker is an online tracking tool that supports over 1200 courier services. The platform makes it easy for shoppers to keep tabs on their packages even when there is a change in tracking code. This makes Ordertracker the only tracking tool. Ordertracker also allows shoppers to subscribe to push notifications to keep them updated on the status of their orders.

Yanwen As A Leader In The Forwarding And Logistics Industry

Yanwen is one of the world’s oldest parcel shipping companies. Founded 20 years ago, Yanwen has never stopped providing logistics solutions to millions of online merchants and shoppers trading within and outside China. The company, headquartered in Beijing, China, acts as a middleman between Chinese vendors and international shoppers. They help deliver goods from merchants right to their customers’ doorsteps, working with over 1200 other couriers from different countries.

It was reported that Yanwen handles a record number of 1.5 million orders daily with no loss or damage to any order. Despite this high order handling, the company prioritizes ensuring the safety and security of customers’ goods as they travel worldwide.

Among other things, what makes Yanwen stand out among its competitors is the speed at which it delivers orders. The official report states that it takes between 15 and 28 days for Yanwen to make the shipment to any part of the world. This has made them favorites among online Chinese shoppers.

Bottom Line

To have the perfect experience shopping online, ensure you make use of Yanwen Logistics for your order shipment and Ordertracker to monitor the movement of your goods.

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