Microsoft Shuts Down Sunrise Calendar: Here Are 8 Alternatives to Use

Microsoft Shuts Down Sunrise Calendar: Here Are 8 Alternatives to Use – PC – Microsoft acquired Sunrise early a year ago, while promising that
Microsoft Shuts Down Sunrise Calendar

Now the Sunrise team announced in a blog post that since they are really busy working on the Microsoft Outlook app for Android & iOS and therefore, they won’t be able to bring any updates to the app.  Microsoft acquired Sunrise early a year ago, while promising that they will integrate the features of the calendar app into its Outlook apps. While we are seeing products of the securing in Outlook’s calendar features, it’s still no place near to the Sunrise Calendar experience. While we can expect Microsoft to offer more Sunrise features to Outlook.

Sunrise Calendar was great due to its third-party apps integration, support for Google, iCloud and Exchange Calendars, weather forecasts and its intuitive interface. It also covered mobile with Android and iOS apps and desktop with a web client and web apps.

1. Sol Calendar

Sol Calendar is a very famous and highly valued calendar app. It brings a lot of features and although its interface may appear somewhat complicated, it’s intuitive and gets the job done. The app supports Google Calendar, Exchange, iCloud, Yahoo! Calendar, Naver Calendar and any of the calendar services that support CalDAV. The app supports different views like Month, Week, Agenda, Day.

Microsoft Shuts Down Sunrise Calendar: Here Are 8 Alternatives to Use

There aren’t several third-party services integrated like Sunrise, the app includes real-time weather forecasts, Google Maps & Foursquare integration, stickers and much more. There are a lot of different widgets in drag too, which look awesome.

AvailabilityAndroid (Free)

2. Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2 is a highly recommended Sunrise calendar alternative for Apple users and rightly so. There are a lot of calendar apps available for iDevices but Fantastical 2 is arguably the best. The app supports Google Calendar, Exchange and iCloud and features different views like a cool new week view in landscape, map view for event locations etc. What we like most about Fantastical 2 is the fact that it gives you a chance to add events with natural language. For example, you can start up the app and say, “Lunch with Devinder at CP on Saturday” and the Fantastical 2 will plan it.

Microsoft Shuts Down Sunrise Calendar: Here Are 8 Alternatives to Use

The features of the app include widget support, reminders integration, quick actions , Facebook events integration and much more. The only thing that goes against the app is its price tag and if you don’t want to shell out $4.99 for a calendar app, you can try options like CalWeek Calendar etc.

AvailabilityiPhone ($4.99), iPad ($9.99), Mac ($49.99)

3. Cal

The Cal calendar app is an app that is packed with features but the attractive UI ensure that everything looks sorted enough. Along with the intuitive UI, the app packs in features like the ability to combine business schedules and personal plans, a home screen hub that suggests tools for meetings, voice entry & predictive text for entering events, task tracker and more. While it might not feature a excess of calendar views, its month view is specially cool because tilting the phone brings you a great landscape view.

Microsoft Shuts Down Sunrise Calendar: Here Are 8 Alternatives to Use

Cal feature include is the ability to write on a Facebook wall, send message and even send gifts from Amazon or on someone’s birthday. In addition, we were quite impressed with the visual timeline that sorts out your work, life and personal time perfectly. Cal might not be very similar to Sunrise but it’s unique.

AvailabilityAndroidiOS (Free)

4. Business Calendar 2

Business Calendar 2 is another calendar app, which brings different views like year, month, week, day, agenda and a dedicated birthday view. The app gives you chance to sync calendars from Google and Exchange, along with support for local calendars and tasks. It also includes an event planner and task manager. Other features include the ability to look at events in month view, swipe friendly UI, customizable notifications with support for direct actions, various app customization options, widgets and much more.

Microsoft Shuts Down Sunrise Calendar: Here Are 8 Alternatives to Use

The pro version brings some cool features like integrated weather report, ability to create templates for new events, advanced options for reminders, various widget themes, import/export of calendar data etc.

AvailabilityAndroid (Free)

5. Google Calendar

Google Calendar isn’t very similar to Sunshine but some of its features do well, particularly if you are well occupied in Google’s ecosystem. The app takes information like flight, hostel and restaurant reservations from your Gmail account to create events automatically. Along with the different calendar views, which are simple to switch, Google Calendar includes a cool Schedule view, which gives you a look to your schedule along with photos and maps of the places.

Other features include goals, smart suggestions for events, support for Google Apps for Work & Education and more. This app also supports local calendars on your device including Exchange.

AvailabilityAndroidiOSWebChrome (Free)

Microsoft Shuts Down Sunrise Calendar: Here Are 8 Alternatives to Use

6. DigiCal

The first time you open up DigiCal, the app gives you chance to choose the UI you want for the calendar view. It includes 7 calendar views including year, month, week, day, agenda, text month & list and includes support for calendars from Google, Outlook and Exchange. If you want Sunrise’s widgets, you will appreciate the fact that DigiCal includes 9 beautiful preset widgets for different calendar views. The most calendar apps include public holidays for various countries, DigiCal shows you important dates related to sports, finance, TV and lifestyle.

Microsoft Shuts Down Sunrise Calendar: Here Are 8 Alternatives to Use

The Material Design app also brings you features like local calendar sync, weather forecasts, event image matching and much more. Digical is available in a free version but its paid version brings additions like 2 more widgets & 7 new widget themes, 42 theme colors for the app, custom snooze, year view with map and more.

InstallAndroid (Free with Plus version for $4.95)

7. Outlook

Outlook is the best alternative to Sunrise because Microsoft has slowly started implementing features from Sunrise in Outlook’s calendar tab. The calendar features in Outlook are all selected from Sunrise. The app also recently got updated to support third party services like Facebook, Wunderlist and Evernote. Other than that, the app features a month view available through a drop-down button, an agenda view, day and 3-day view. Furthermore, adding events in Outlook calendar is a breeze and it includes Skype integration, so you can add Skype call events too. There’s also ability to tag people, location etc. in an event.

Microsoft Shuts Down Sunrise Calendar: Here Are 8 Alternatives to Use

AvailabilityAndroidiOSWebWindows (Free)

8. Today Calendar

If you need a Sunrise calendar alternative that is simple looks attractive, you want to check out Today Calendar. The calendar app is based on the Google Calendar app but ensure to differentiate itself with its cool theme-able app design. The month view from the stock calendar app has been redesigned as an “All in one” view in Today Calendar, which combines both the month as well as agenda views. There are the usual calendar views too like day, week, month and an invites section. Other features include ability to create events with voice input, widgets, various customization options, support for Google & Exchange calendars and more.

The app is available for a free 7-day trial, after which you will have to purchase the full version.

Microsoft Shuts Down Sunrise Calendar: Here Are 8 Alternatives to Use

AvailabilityAndroid (Free 7-day trial with Pro version at $4.32)

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