How to Modify Keyboard Settings on Google Chromebooks

The format of a chromebook keyboard is similar to that of a home windows laptop, with some extraordinary exceptions along with a seek key in place of caps

The format of a chromebook keyboard is similar to that of a home windows laptop, with some extraordinary exceptions along with a seek key in place of caps lock as well as the omission of feature keys throughout the top. The underlying settings at the back of the chrome os keyboard, however, can be tweaked in your liking in a number of different approaches — inclusive of enabling the aforementioned functions as well as assigning custom behaviors to some of the uniqueness keys.

On this academic, we take a look at a number of those customizable settings and provide an explanation for a way to regulate them for that reason.

If your chrome browser is already open, click on the chrome menu button — represented by means of 3 horizontal lines and positioned within the top right-hand corner of your browser window. While the drop-down menu appears, click on on settings.

In case your chrome browser is not already open, the settings interface can also be accessed through chrome’s taskbar menu, placed in the decrease proper-hand corner of your display.

Chrome’s settings interface ought to now be displayed. Find the device phase and pick out the button categorized keyboard settings.

Alt, Ctrl and seek

Chrome OS’s keyboard settings window ought to now be displayed. The primary segment contains three alternatives, every observed by means of a drop-down menu, labeled search, ctrl, and alt. These alternatives dictate the movement tied to every of these keys.

By way of default, every key is assigned the movement of its namesake (i.E., the hunt key opens chrome os’s search interface).

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But, you could alternate this conduct to any of the subsequent moves.

  • Seek: search, ctrl, alt, disabled, caps lock, break out
  • Ctrl: search, ctrl, alt, disabled, break out
  • Alt: seek, ctrl, alt, disabled, escape

As you could see, the functionality units assigned to each of these three keys is interchangeable.

In addition, chrome os gives the potential to disable one or extra of the 3 as well as configure every as a secondary escape key. Eventually, and possibly most importantly for users accustomed to standard mac or laptop keyboards, the search key may be redesignated as caps lock.

Top row keys

On many keyboards, the pinnacle row of keys is reserved for the feature keys (f1, f2, and so forth.). On a chromebook, these keys natively serve as shortcut keys for a number of specific actions such as elevating and decreasing quantity and refreshing the active web page.

Those shortcut keys may be reassigned to behave as traditional characteristic keys by placing a take a look at mark subsequent to the deal with top-row keys as function keys alternative, placed in the keyboard settings window. While feature keys are enabled, you could toggle between shortcut and feature behavior by using keeping down the quest key, as specified directly underneath this option.

Vehicle repeat

Enabled by way of default, the automobile-repeat functionality instructs your chromebook to repeat the important thing that is held down multiple instances till you allow pass. That is fashionable for most keyboards however can be disabled through clicking on the enable car-repeat option — discovered on the keyboard settings window — and casting off its accompanying test mark.

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The sliders found at once beneath this option permit you to specify how long the postpone is earlier than repeating each key press whilst held down, as well as the repeat fee itself (gradual to fast).

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