What are Torrents and Benefits of Torrenting?


Nowadays, most of you know what torrents are, but many people might not realize that even torrents have legitimate uses. The reason is that sharing files has mostly got negative press, and those had entirely overlooked the primary purpose of various services like Bit Torrent and Napster to shut down the sharing of files.

Even then, file sharing is an integral part of the inner working of the internet, and people who wish to use technology at its best need to know how to use it.

What are torrents?

As mentioned earlier, torrents are a form of file sharing through the internet, but it is quite unique. Though most services need users to upload various files to the central database, torrenting enables people to share things from their PCs directly. There is the expansion of the torrent network when others also download files to their own machine.

If only a single person has files that are associated with a torrent, all the things would be downloaded from their PC. And when 2 people have the files associated with torrent, pieces and bits would be taken from both to form completed files at the other part of a new download.

The best thing about the torrent networks is that small contents are taken from different individuals in a manner that there is no strain on anybody’s connection. It is also essential to download torrent files from reliable sites like pirate bay proxy, as it is fully legitimate.

Here are some amazing benefits of torrenting:

The fastest way to get good exposure

When you create content like films, videos and music, but still you lack the proper exposure to get your career rising, sharing your work on good torrent sites is one of the perfect ways to get noticed by millions of users faster but also become popular. Many individuals and artists have risen to great popularity using the torrent network to showcase their talent especially in times when nations were locked and avoided physical presence.

Distribution of huge amount of data

This is what actually torrenting was created for. It is extremely useful for companies looking to distribute huge amounts of data such as educational material, business files, massive OS installs scientific evidence, photograph collections, or government resources.

When you use torrents, your organization is not only distributing data faster, but you are also saving a ton of bandwidth. This amazing form of sharing is so efficient that even Twitter and Facebook use it to update their servers internally.

Secure downloading


Peer to Peer protocol offers secure and better downloading as you don’t rely on a main central server. When one of the sources is not very active, you could then rely on other sources to complete the process of downloading.

Offers a backup

If your internet connection gets interrupted for some reason, or your computer shuts down suddenly, there is no need for you to start from scratch. The moment you are back, you can continue the process.

Even if you have got a slow connection, you could still download torrent files quickly compared to traditional ways.

Helps in studying current trends of consumers

Various businesses use torrents for analyzing the current market trends. They can also study the interests of people closely by watching what they download. Many businesses could then adapt their useful content to what’s generally shared and what is more popular in various countries.

This makes a great option for entertainment and media companies, since they make good money by advertising. Knowing these trends could help businesses and others deliver more accurate and better content for millions of internet users.

So, to sum up things, torrents are is an excellent tool that allows users to download huge files in a convenient and faster way. By just using torrent software, you can easily download applications, music, videos, games, and images. Connecting to other communities and people is much easier, and you get the perfect way to show your own material globally. But it is important to do torrenting from reputed and legitimate sites like the pirate proxybay they have everything put inside an extensive database with leechers, upload dates, peers, and names get constantly updated in real-time.

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