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Non-Technical Features You Must Look For In a Solar Panel

Non-Technical Features You Must Look For In a Solar Panel

Solar panels are getting more limelight lately for being cost-effective and environment friendly. Be it for commercial or non-commercial purposes, for homes or offices, this sunlight-driven equipment is becoming everybody’s go-to option for electricity generation. If you are also planning to invest in this fantastically wholesome product, you must pin some key features to ensure yourself the worthiest purchase.

Such integral features can be both technical and non-technical. Yes, there are technical characteristics like efficiency, temperature coefficient, warranty, and durability that decide your final selection. However, as an end-user, you might also be interested in the below-mentioned non-technical features of your prospective solar panel.

Brand Reputation

Solar panels are like those investments the worthiness of which largely depends upon the quality of the production. So, never compromise with the quality and always choose a reputed brand like loomsolar known for its meticulous production. The most crucial point while shortlisting a manufacturer should be its certification ensuring its adherence to industry standards like ISO 9001-2015. Check their corporate customers, buyer feedback, payment options, and quality strictness for a rational decision.

Available Space

The size of a solar panel is already compact due to its standard design. However, one always has the opportunity of putting together more than one of these depending upon the requirement. If you are proceeding with multiple purchases, it is advised to always keep in mind the available space. Many times, people end up buying more only to realize that they will not fit in the limited area. Therefore, mark your boundaries, recheck the measurements, and then finalize the number of solar panels to avoid wastage.

Silent Operation

Usually, all solar panels are known to work silently without any decibel of noise. This is an implied non-technical feature of every solar panel, irrespective of its production process or anything else. However, if you notice something opposite or strange noise during the demonstration or even afterward, it is a clear sign of some damage. You need to report the same to the solar panel manufacturer and ask for a replacement. Mark this point at the time of the purchase only as doing it later will cause unnecessary hassle.

Low Maintenance

Everybody loves solar panels as they are super easy to clean and maintain. You do not even have to look after their cleaning daily; it will be okay to tidy them after a few weeks, months, or even a whole year. However, if your solar panel is exposed to dirt and dust frequently, you might have to get rid of the same regularly to maintain the efficient working of the unit. Also, if anything gets impaired or malfunctioned, you are most likely to get in the best condition with long-term warranties by the solar panel manufacturer.

Lastly, pricing can also be one of the non-technical features that may influence your solar panel selection. It is always a good idea to stay in line with your budget limits; do not compromise on quality for a long-lasting and happy experience.

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