Pentesting: How Hackers Use This Method to Hack

Pentesting: How Hackers Use This Method to Hack - Hacking - Penetration test or sometimes pentest, is a type of attack on the software of the computer

Pentesting is a tool that used to done hacking by hackers. This tool focus the weak point of a system to get infiltrate. Penetration test or sometimes pentest, is a type of attack on the software of the computer system in which the hackers usually looks for the weaknesses in the security potential so as to gain access to the computer’s data and the features. This Pentesting tool used to gain access from the weak point of the target. Here in this article you will know how hackers do pentesting or simply penetration testing to gain access to the system.

Need for Pentesting:

It can also be done to make some systems more secure and to check and remove their security flaws also. Financial sectors like banks, Investment banking etc. needs their data to be secured and they ensure it by using penetration testing.

Types of Pentesting:

According to the scope of the test the pentesting is divided in three types that are Black Box testing, White box testing, and Grey box testing. In black box testing the tester has no information and knowledge about systems to be tested and in White box testing the tester is usually provided with all information and knowledge of the system that is required. In Grey box testing the tester is provided with partial information about the system that can be used for the further usage.

STEPS (Penetration testing):

1. Planning: In this step the scope and strategy of the assignment is determined and the existing security policies, standards are used so as to define up the goal.

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2. Discovery: You just has to collect the information about the system including data in the system if possible. If you can access the most information about the system then further steps will become easy for you so try to gain as much data and information as you can.

3. Attacking: In this you just has to find the vulnerable sites of the system and then using various methods you has to exploit it. By doing this process you just get into the system.

Professional hackers just do these steps by their own to find the necessary security issues but if you are beginner to the same then there are many software and tools available that can help you up in the process.

Some of the best tools that can be used for Pentesting are given below. These tools will collect the information about the security flaws and give you the report by itself.

Tools Used for Pentesting:

1. NMap : used to do port scanning, OS identification, trace the route and also for the Vulnerability scanning. This could provide you with all the issues and flaws security of the ports.

2. Pass-The-Hash: This tool will help you to check the security potential of passwords and logins of the systems or the network as the main purpose of this tool is to crack the passwords but as if for checking purposes it can be used in Pentesting also.

Conclusion: Pentesting could be very difficult task as very time you has to find up something new or you can say new flaws and issues with security of the system is to be found so as to strengthen the security more and more. You can also use the tools that can help you to do all this process easily. Hackers have great knowledge of the systems and networks so only they can do it but not every time they reach their goals. So be sure that you could not get the results every time you do this process of Pentesting.

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