Rocket VPN: A Simple VPN for Android Without Any Complications

Rocket VPN: A Simple VPN for Android Without Any Complications – Mobile – During a time of steady web observation, where your web exercises are being follow

During a time of steady web observation, where your web exercises are being followed by organizations, governments and even programmers, VPN administrations and applications come in extremely convenient. VPN applications on Android cell phones offer different uses like securing your online character, giving you a chance to utilize services that may be restricted at your area and the sky is the limit from there. Hence, having a decent VPN application for your Android smartphone is an absolute necessity. While there are a few VPN applications accessible on the Play Store, most are perplexing and not all that simple to utilize. Gratefully, there’s one VPN application that is basic and with no complexities. We are discussing Rocket VPN application here.

Rocket VPN application is another great application from the people at Liquidum and it brings all the VPN highlights we are aware of in a simplified package.

Set up Rocket VPN

When you initially install Rocket VPN, you should set up a couple of simple things. In the event that you are on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the application will ask the required authorizations, select “Permit” to allow the application. At that point, select the area you need to get to web from. When you have chosen a virtual area, the application will ask an association ask. Select “alright”, after which the association will be made and a key icon will be activated in the status bar to propose that Rocket VPN is dynamic.

Rocket VPN: A Simple VPN for Android Without Any Complications

User Interface: Simple yet beautiful

All Liquidum applications have incredible UI and Rocket VPN is no special case. The application looks clear and uses great colors & transitions to make things looks excellent. All the activity lies on the landing page itself, as it features the “Connect” catch alongside “Destination“, which gives you a chance to pick among the different virtual areas. At that point, there’s an area where you can unblock applications and dispatch applications from your coveted virtual area. If you scroll down below, you will find your monthly data usage and then your current location.

Rocket VPN: A Simple VPN for Android Without Any Complications

Like most other Android apps, the top right features the three dot button, with options to get the unlimited subscription, log in, feedback, FAQ and share. All in all, the user interface is clean and works for a VPN app with the ability to connect/disconnect and change location right on the homepage.

Key Features

  • Access Restricted Content

Similar VPN apps, Rocket VPN lets you unblock geographically restricted content. For example, if Facebook or YouTube isn’t available in your country, you can choose a virtual location in Rocket VPN and then access these services.

Rocket VPN: A Simple VPN for Android Without Any Complications

  • Security & Privacy

Rocket VPN ensures that you can surf the web and get to online substance safely and secretly. It encrypts all the individual data you give while utilizing the web to keep your protection in place.The application additionally ensures that third party service are not ready to keep an eye on your web use.

  • Quick Launch Apps

Rocket VPN features a Quick Launch applications segment on its landing page, where you can add applications that you need to gone through a virtual area. Along these lines, basically associate the VPN service and launch the application.


Rocket VPN: A Simple VPN for Android Without Any Complications

Features like Rocket VPN lets you choose from 10 virtual locations across the globe including locations from countries like US, UK, Singapore, Netherlands, Germany, Japan and Sweden.

Do keep in mind that a location near to your actual location should bring you the best speeds.

  • Speed Test

While VPN applications do acquire protection and security, they are additionally infamous for chopping down your internet speeds and subsequently, we did a test to see whether Rocket VPN too diminishes the web speed. The following is our standard web speed contrasted with the speed when Rocket VPN was dynamic.

Rocket VPN: A Simple VPN for Android Without Any Complications

Regular speed (Left) and Rocket VPN free version speed (Right)

As you can notice, the VPN app certainly cuts down the internet speed and that might due to the fact that we are using a free version. So, the conclusion is you can use the free version of Rocket VPN only if you are okay with your internet speed slowing down a bit.

Ease of Use

Rocket VPN is the most easy to understand VPN application we have run over. Regardless of the possibility that you are new to VPN administrations, you will have no issue utilizing Rocket VPN. Simply select an area you need to surf the web from and tap Connect and you are finished. It’s that basic and the good thing is the application makes an association quickly. There is no settings page since you don’t generally require one. Rocket VPN is gone for clients who would prefer not to experience complex alternatives and it works that way. On the off chance that you are searching for cutting edge intermediary settings, you may get disappointed.

However, the app isn’t without its limitations. Rocket VPN is a free app and thus, it incorporated ads and recommends apps in between sections on the home page. We don’t mind ads if they aren’t intrusive and while the in-page ads and recommends remain non-intrusive to the experience, the app did throw a full page ad once, which certainly annoys people.

And also, the free version offers 500 MB/month and if you are an avid internet user, you would know that 500 MB will get used up in the blink of an eye. You can get the unlimited plan for a subscription of $2.99/month or $29.99/year, which not only bring unlimited bandwidth but better speeds and removes ads.


  • Simple & elegant UI
  • Very easy to use with no complex options
  • Snappy performance
  • 10 virtual locations to choose from


  • Rare full page ads though it may irk some people
  • App recommendations
  • No advanced settings

Tired of using complex VPN apps? Try Rocket VPN

Unlike most VPN apps, Rocket VPN is for everyone. The app gets the job done without a user facing troubles with settings and troubleshooting. So, if that’s what you have been looking for in a VPN app, Rocket VPN is for you.

Install Rocket VPN (Free with monthly subscription for Unlimited version)

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