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Role of Project Manager In Advancement of Sustainable Energy

In today’s modern world where technology is very advanced and growing quickly, the source of the energy sector is also changing rapidly. 80% of the global energy supply comes from oils and natural gases, but they are available in a limited quantity and can be extinct soon. By analysis, it has been found out that renewable energy sources like air, wind, sun, and water will play an important role in the coming years as their cost is low and they do not make any pollution problems and their sources are available in sufficient quantity.

In today’s world, the project manager needs to able to think the best as possible by using a renewable source, usage of new technologies, and to make the project more efficient. They should also know the market conditions and business landscape.


Growth Role for Project Manager

Energy is a very important key fact for the economic development of the Middle East countries. Some analysis has shown that inefficient energy production has caused damage to the landscape of countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the UAE.

Project managers should continue to increase their technical skills, knowledge, and experience. Many project managers will succeed as their impact will lead the project to a greater height and managing stakeholders.

Regional companies like Saudi Aramco have invested largely in developing the skills of their professional project manager’s by providing the Project Management PMP training which will implement in their ranges project. The project manager who has the best technical skills has been having been given the leading project throughout their carrier journey.

Hence this was all about the details of the Energy sources in the Middle East, hope you came to know the important facts and knowledge about it and helped you to widen the perspective of the increasing growth of the Energy Sector of the world.

The energy sources are essential in creating opportunities in health and safety features and most especially in environmental sustainability that will affect the lives of everyone on the planet Earth. The census carried out in 2010 energy export from the Middle East was around 12,228 TWh. The major exporters were Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

By the use of sunlight, we can develop solar energy and it can be used for cooking foods, used to light bulbs, and much more. In 2010 solar cost was around US$370/MWh which has been reduced up to US$85/MWh in 2018 because of the large advancement of innovation.

The use of wind energy can be used to generate electricity by rotating windmills by this project the price in 2010 was US$ 90/MWh which has been reduced to US$ 53/MWh. This technology has been widely applied all over the world and has been benefiting both by cost and pollution level. The main advantage of wind energy is that it is available 24 hours a day.


·      Increasing Demand for Renewable Sources

The Middle East countries compress mostly 50% of the world’s oils and 41% of natural gas reserves and they are very much dependent on their fossil fuels. Due to this huge amount of energy sources available major energy investment companies trade to get their business done. Below are some key facts which were taken from the energy landscape from those regions.

In today’s advanced world were for increasing technology we are using natural resources like oil, petrol, natural gases, fossil fuels. Due to this, their quantity is decreasing rapidly and there may be a time where it will get extinct shortly.

So to overcome this problem other ideas have been developed like using renewable sources like sun, wind, water. Their quantity is available in sufficient quantity and by this, we can use them in place of petrol, oils, and gases.

The expense for getting a windmill is more in the initial stage for its machinery, but after that, it requires a lower operating expenditure because of less maintenance coast and cleaning.

In the modern world of the 21st century where the industry has been flourished very much, our demands of using natural sources haven been increased in from the past three decades which has caused a lot of pollution because of excessive use of carbon footprint.

The government has been under a lot of pressure to reduce this carbon footprint. In the Middle East countries, most of the repudiated and multinational companies like Saudi Aramco are making their best efforts to reduce this carbon footprint or say carbon dioxide to a minimum level.


·      Need for growth in Innovation

The energy sector along with a focus on sustainable growth for innovation is also an important consideration factor. Major multinational companies are likely to invest in the oil and natural gas energy sector as it is likely to grow and reshaping how energy is produced, transformed, and delivered. Different types of projects have been developed in the Middle East for more research and development for the energy sector.

PMP Certified Project managers in dubai a megaproject has been started by Dubai Electricity and Water Authority which is on a solar park which is estimated to finish in 2022. The overall cost for making this project is AED 50 billion. After the completion of this project, it will power 1.3 million homes, this makes it more interesting about the energy sector.

Dubai Clean Strategy 2050 is also a project which aims to produce 75% of Dubai’s total output from a clean energy source by the end of 2050. This project aims to reduce the usage of oils and natural gases and use clean energy resources and make the world’s pollution under control.

A survey carried out in 2011 tells that oil is the world’s most leading fuel in comparison to natural gases, it accounts for one-third (1/3) of the world’s energy consumptions. Along with that coal, consumptions has been increased by 2.5 % in 2012, making it the fastest-growing fossil fuel on the planet.

By analysis, it has been found out that renewable energy sources like air, wind, sun, and water will play an important role in the coming years as their cost is low and they do not make any pollution problems and their sources are available in sufficient quantity.

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