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What is Cricket ?

A sport in which two teams of eleven players try to score runs (= points) by hitting a small, hard ball with a bat, and running between two sets of small wooden posts using a cricket ball/bat.

The Best Online Cricket Betting Sites in India 2021

Below you will find a list of cricket betting sites in India that have been tested by our experts for reliability, stability, and security. Choose the best cricket betting sites, register your account and get generous bonuses.



Best Online Cricket Betting Sites:

The first international cricket match was played between England and Australia in March, 1877. Since then, the ‘gentleman’s game’ has undergone many changes some necessary, a few cosmetic. These include, among others, the introduction of protective gear, smaller grounds, and heavier bats that make lives easier for batsmen.

Best Cricket Betting Sites: Factors to Consider

There are a few points you must consider while choosing the best cricket betting sites. Of course, the quality of odds that a cricket portal offers is one of the most important aspects. However, there’s more:

  • If you wish to bet on live cricket matches, ensure you go for in-play betting sites that offer live betting on various markets.
  • Attractive welcome offers, promos and free bets tailored to online cricket betting can make your overall experience even more enjoyable.
  • Ensure the site offers multiple betting markets on the top-rated cricketing tournaments throughout the calendar year.
  • A comprehensive stats section and past results dashboard is crucial as well, helping you make informed cricket bets.

Bet on Cricket: Best Tips and Strategies:

When it comes to cricket betting online, you must remember a few things. Stated below are wagering tips and strategies that should come in handy if you seek to bet on cricket at the best cricket betting sites. Let’s explore:

  1. Home or Away?
  2. Weather
  3. Pitch Report
  4. Ground Size, Team News

Home or Away?:

There’s a reason why cricket has something known as a ‘home advantage’. The ‘home’ team is the side that hosts the other team. So, it is no surprise that the ‘home’ team would know the stadiums like the back of their hand, and understand better how a pitch would hold up throughout a game and weather conditions. In places like Australia and India, passionate home crowds can even get a little hostile, leading to an unnerving experience for the rival camp. If you want to bet on cricket, consider where the match is being contested.


The elements can have a massive bearing on the outcome of a match. Thanks to the wind and overcast skies, countries like Australia, England, and New Zealand have traditionally been a haven for pace bowlers. The Indian subcontinent – India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh – on the other hand, has always been happy hunting ground for spinners. Similarly, windy conditions are conducive for pace and swing. In contrast, a dry and humid day is just what spinners and (most) batsmen prefer.

Pitch Report:

A pitch with a lot of grass on it should support lateral movement of the ball, something that makes fast bowlers smack their lips. On the other hand, a cracked surface helps spin bowlers get purchase off it. Similarly, a flat track (with little grass or cracks) generally indicates excellent batting conditions.

Ground Size, Team News:

The size of the ground, among other factors, will decide how high-scoring or low-scoring a game would be. Importantly, you must keep track of team news and any last-minute injury updates to make the most of your cricket bets. Just like a crucial player returning from an injury can boost his camp’s morale, any fresh injury scare at the eleventh minute can disrupt team formation and unsettle all calculations.

How We are Evaluating the Top Cricket Betting Sites in India?

With so many cricket betting sites to pick from in India, it can be difficult to work out which is the right one to join. After all, they all claim to be the very best and hype themselves up. Finding an unbiased opinion can be a challenge, but this is where

  • Deposits and Withdrawals in Indian rupees
  • Indian Players are accepted
  • Convenient Payment Methods
  • A variety of sports betting options
  • Trust
  • Bonuses and Promotions
  • Customer Support
  • Cricket Betting App

How to Choose Best Cricket Betting Sites?

  • In-Play / Live Cricket Betting
  • Cash Out
  • Cricket Betting Bonuses
  • Cricket Events Coverage
  • Competitive cricket betting odds and payment options
  • Mobile Betting / Cricket Betting App

How to Bet on Cricket?

Cricket is a complex and strategic sport, cricket betting on the other hand is much simpler. You have already chosen your online bookmaker from our list of cricket betting sites above, deposited, and are wondering how to bet on cricket.

Step 1. Educate yourself on cricket betting types.

Step 2. Analyze the betting odds

Step 3. Place your bet

Step 4. Wait for the game to be over to collect winnings

Step 5. Check Cricket Betting predictions

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