The Best Blockers For Gamers

The Best Blockers For Gamers

Gamblers who live in the United Kingdom have one important advantage. They can use blocking options to keep themselves from games. There are many of these but we have found that these three are the best of them all. These are the most effective, the simplest, and also the most popular. Your only task is to choose the one you like.


Obviously, we must start with GamStop. It is the most popular and the most effective method here. National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme created this platform in 2018 and it has been measuring a steady increase in popularity ever since. There is no need to add that only gamblers from the United Kingdom can use GamStop.

Using it is simple. You will have to create an account at the official site and specify how long you want self-exclusion to be. It can be 6 months for instance. If you want a longer plan you can choose 1 or 5 years. Once done you can sit back and relax. All the casinos and gambling sites that have UKGC, therefore, are offered in the United Kingdom will become unavailable for the selected period of time. says that you cannot cancel GamStop and play games at UKGC-licensed sites. Once the self-exclusion expires you can continue playing games at any of these websites. Nevertheless, there are many sites that do not work with this program, it is easy to find them among NonGamStopSlots online casinos available in the United Kingdom. As they do not fall under UKGC rules, they can’t be included in GamStop list.

It is important to add that when you want to remove self-exclusion you need to do that according to the rules. Once the time frame has expired you can contact the customer support at GamStop and ask them to cancel the ban. Wait 24 hours (it is mandatory) and you can continue playing games. GamStop is not a software or app. It is a platform. It is also completely free.


This is another app you can install and use. But, it has two main options. You can either choose parental control or self-exclusion. Here you will choose the latter. This means that the app will block the betting and gambling websites for a specified period of time. Keep in consideration that you can choose the length of the limit of 24 hours. You can also choose indefinitely. You get the password that is needed.

Once the self-exclusion has expired you can remove the limit and continue playing and betting. It is important to add that there is no way you can remove the app before this time frame ends. Customer support will not help you if you want to do this hence you may want to obey the self-exclusion.

BetBlocker is completely free which makes it an ideal choice for certain users. It is also available for all internet-capable devices you may use. The installation is simple and straightforward.

The second option here is parental control. Here you can block specific websites or limit the time on the web. If you have a child and you care about his internet activity, this is an effective method.


GamBan has the same purpose as GamStop and it works in a similar way. It blocks gambling websites. But, this is not a platform, it is software or app if you prefer. As such you will have to download the app and install it on your device. Once done, you will configure it, and you are done. The app will block internet access to any of the websites that are part of the database. The database is updated on a regular basis meaning that in the near future more sites will be blocked. For example, recently GamBan added many crypto platforms to the list, so they also can be blocked easily.

This option is not free. You will have to pay for a monthly subscription and there are two plans at the moment. You do get 7 days for a free trial if you want to test the software and see how it works. In addition, GamBan has powerful parental controls and this is one of the main purposes. You can even see the logo at many casinos on the web in the footer of the page.

There is no way you can remove easily the app or software. This is not an option or the whole purpose would be pointless. When you don’t need it anymore, you can remove the software and you can continue gambling. GamBan has been known as one of the leaders in the industry thanks to its success rate and many satisfied users.

It is available for all devices or better said operating systems you can think of. In other terms, you can install the app on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux. The process is almost identical and there is no need to worry about the details.

The Final Word

If you have any problems with gambling, one of these methods can help you. All of them are effective, easy to use, and available in the United Kingdom. Additionally, the majority of the banks support responsible gambling and should help you to overcome it. As you can see, each one is different and has pros and cons. You can use all three of them but there is no need to do that. Instead, pick the one you like the most and go for it. You will get the exclusion or ability to distance yourself from gambling as much as you like. Once you are done with solving the gambling issues, go back and gamble once again.

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