Top 5 Websites to Buy Now Pay Later


You must have had those days when you really want a dress but your digital payment just doesn’t work. For those days when you are out of groceries and it is month-end so you are out of money as well, these buy now pay later apps come to your rescue.

Although there are credit cards for this purpose too, these apps eliminate every possible problem that can occur with your transaction. Have smooth transactions without any failures or processing refunds. Here is a list of the top 5 websites that will allow you to buy now and pay later.

1. LazyPay :

Our top pick has to be LazyPay because of its great features and easy to use functionality. This website is one of the most popular ones right now and is trustworthy. LazyPay offers three options to the customers which are: Pay later, instant personal loan and EMI.

Moreover, the website of LazyPay claims that it is accepted by over 100 merchants. All you have to do is sign up with your mobile number and you are done! Also, the website has a 15-day cycle that is due on the 3rd and 18th of every month. Since they have reminders for due dates, you will not forget about it.

2. Simpl :

Simpl is yet another website that is quite famous and provides the customers with exciting features. It is accepted by a lot of merchants so you can use it at several places. Also, it arrives with a 15-day cycle so keep in mind when you have to pay. However, there is a spending limit for beginners on Simpl.

Do not worry because this limit keeps on increasing based on factors like your profile as well as your spending patterns. If you pay your bills regularly and on time then your limit will be increased within no time. Ensure that you quickly repay the amount to maintain a good profile.

3. ePayLater :

Next on our list is ePayLater and you can use this website to do a lot of things. Whether you want to recharge your mobile, pay for your online orders and food delivery, book flight or bus tickets or book hotels, you can use the website for various things. If you’re looking for fingerhut alternatives, this is the site you should go for.

What we love the most about this website is that it comes with a high credit amount of Rs.20,000. Signing up to this website is a piece of cake as you just need your PAN card or Aadhar card along with your mobile number. If you love travelling then this website is the one for you.

4. Paylater by ICICI Bank :

To avail the services of this website, customers have to sign in either through the pockets app or ICICI bank app. You can completely rely on this website for your needs. Also, ICICI is the first bank to provide customers with a buy now pay later service.

Unlike other websites, this has a cycle of 15 days and the bill is generated on the 1st of every month. Customers have to clear their dues before the 15th to maintain a good record. Moreover, the credit limit varies from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 20,000 depending on different customers. It also has Internet banking along with an auto-debit facility.

5. Paytm Postpaid :

This website offers the maximum credit of Rs. 1,00,000 for a one time sign up. Paytm postpaid has the biggest advantage over other websites as you can pay at local shops as well as to online merchants. However, the website charges a convenience fee of up to 3% on your total monthly spending.

Make sure that you are repaying on time to avoid the extra charges. If you pay on time regularly then you can also increase your credit limit. Plus, with Paytm Postpaid, customers can pay their utility bills even after their due date through UPI.

Final Words

If you are someone who does a lot of online transactions then buy now pay later apps are great for you. Ensure that your payments are done safely and quickly without any hassles. Be careful while using these websites and ensure that you do not end up overspending. These were our top picks so consider opting for one of them.

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