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Top Reasons to Get Examsnap Google Adwords Certification Through Practice Tests

Google has been rated the most popular search network and the organizations have latched on to the benefits of promoting their businesses through the Google Ads platform. Any brand that is worth its salt would invest in advertising to attract new customers. This has led to an increase in demand for those specialists who are well-versed with online marketing tools such as Google Ads. This is where the Certbolt Google Ads certification comes in. This credential validates your knowledge and skills in digital advertising and shows your commitment to move the business forward and achieve its objectives.

How to Earn the Google Ads Certification?

In the PPC advertising platform, Google Ads is an effective platform for driving leads and sales. The credential is a professional accreditation offered by Google to validate the proficiency of the individuals or companies in the Google Ads platform. People with this certificate receive the badge, which they can display on their social profiles. With this, they showcase that they are the experts in the field of PPC advertising.

To earn this Examsnap Google certification, you first need to create an account on the Google Skillshop website. Skillshop is an online learning platform where you can find the relevant study materials and access the prerequisite tests. Without an account, you can’t take the exam or earn the credential. After creating your Google Partner account, the next step is to pass the relevant test.

The Google Ads certification program offers six credentials, each focusing on the particular Google product. These include Google Ads Display, Google Ads Search, Google Ads – Measurement, Google Ads Video, Shopping Ads, and Google Ads Apps.

The number of questions in the Google Ads certification exams varies from 46 to 50 questions. You must get the passing score of at least 80% of the exam content. This doesn’t apply just to the Google Ads Apps credential. The pass mark for it is 70%. If you fail the test, you can try again in 24 hours. To improve your performance in the exam, it’s recommended that you take practice tests and exam dumps during your preparation process. The Google Ads tests are delivered in 22 languages. All of them are available free of charge.

Benefits of Getting Google Ads Certification

Now that you know how to earn the Google Ads certification, let’s see the top reasons why this credential is a great choice for you.

  • It Validates Your Credibility

In the competitive world of PPC advertising, you need to stay ahead of competition. The Google Ads credential validates your expertise in the area and serves as an instant social proof. There’s no doubt that social proof drives conversions as the customers trust reviews.

  • It Helps You Develop a Strong Value Proposition

When you need to communicate value to drive sales, your Google Ads certification comes handy. People trust a value proposition that is backed by credibility than mere words. When the customers see your Examsnap Google Ads badge, they become more receptive to your ideas and find it easier to believe your value proposition.

  • It Helps You Build an Impressive Resume

Your resume shapes the first impression that your clients or potential employers will form about you. When they go through your CV and see the list of your badges, they are more likely to take you seriously than when you have nothing to validate your skills, knowledge, and experience.


Whether you run your own advertising agency or you work for one, the Google Ads certification offers you numerous advantages. It gives you more credibility and enhances your success in getting customer attention. Examsnap Earning this credential proves that you are a true expert in online marketing, which gives you a competitive edge over your peers and customer trust.

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