What are the Best Guides to Choose for Improving Mathematics Scores in Class 11 in 2021?

School exams of class 11th  are stepping stones to do better in class 12th boards. Class 11th syllabus not only prepares students to face class 12th bravely but is also significant for their career.

Mathematics is like a scary ghost who haunts every student. The main problem is that according to the CBSE syllabus the mathematics takes a completely different level in class 11th. Students face a lot of pressure and difficulty adopting the high-level maths of class 11th. The main reason to understand the class 11th maths is its significance in JEE exams.

All the reputed engineering entrance exams including the renowned JEE exams gives the importance of class 11th topics as well. The syllabus includes chapters from both class 11th and 12th.

That is why clearing the mathematics topics of class 11th are very crucial for students.

There is no doubt that the NCERT mathematics book is one of the masterpieces but only solving NCERT will not help you in understanding the topics in depth. You will need to refer to other math books to improve your scores.

We have analyzed the majority of maths’ class 11th books. NCERT solutions for class 11 maths tops the list for online learning but have a look at the rest as well! The result was that we came up with a list of the best books to improve your mathematics score in class 11th.

Best Mathematics Books for Class 11th

The market is loaded with a variety of mathematics class 11th books. Students often confuse and end up buying a book that won’t help them in preparations. Some books don’t explain the concepts of the topic well while other books don’t have many questions to practice. Even if they have practice sections, the questions are not up to the standard of the exams.

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To make things easier for you, we have come up with the best books for class 11th mathematics. These books will help you to improve your scores to a great extent.

All you need is hard work, dedication and a will to solve the reference books suggested. These books will also help you to do smart study. Only hard work is not enough to score well in maths. You need to do smart study with smart books.

Mathematics by R.D Sharma

R.D.Sharma is the bible of class 11th maths. It is one of the best books that will help you not only in understanding the concepts but also has vigorous practice questions of each level.

R.D.sharma comes in a set of 2 volumes. It is a great book that every student must-have. The best thing about R.D.Sharma is that it has an important question section as well.

Another advantage of this book is that it not only focuses on the NCERT pattern but also on the entrance exams. So if you are preparing to target both the class 11th school and entrance exams then this is the best book you can get.

Another advantage of this book is its Calculus chapter. If you want to perfect your calculus go for R.D.Sharma.

R.S. Aggarwal

R.S.Aggarwal is the best book to prepare for class 11th exams. It has been delivering the best math concepts and solutions for years.

The concepts are explained in a very simple way making it easier for students to catch up. The practise questions have a variety and up to the standard of school internal exams.

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R.S.Aggarwal is strictly based on the NCERT pattern which helps students to grasp the concepts better. There are several exercises based on each concept. This ensures that every concept of the student is crystal clear.

Even schools recommend solving the R.S.Aggarwal book along with NCERT. If you have practised every concept from the R.S.Aggarwal book then getting a 95+ score in your class 11th maths exam is a sure shot.

We recommend solving R.S.Aggarwal after solving the NCERT questions.  This also serves the revision purpose well enough.

Arihant all in one Mathematics

All in one mathematics is a good book for revising class 11th maths. When you are done with NCERT then you can have this reference book as your guide to practice and perfect yourself.

If your concepts are clear then try to complete this book in 1 and a half months. it is one of those books that removes your fear of solving out of the box questions in exams.

As a side practice book, it’s the best in the market. The important questions marked in the book helps you to identify the probable maths questions in exams.

All in one Mathematics helps you to come face to face with every odd or difficult maths question. If you have completed your revision from this book along with NCERT then it will improve your scores substantially.

Tips to Improve Your Mathematics

The best tip one can give you regarding mathematics is to practice. The more you practice the better you get.

Here are few expert tips to guide you improve your maths scores in class 11th.

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Make a Plan

It is very crucial to plan your study routine as per your needs. We recommend you make a list of chapters and break them into topics.

This makes it possible for you to set small goals for yourself. Small goals don’t make you nervous and are easy to conquer.

Give preference to topics that seem hard and devote more time to those. Please make sure not to completely ignore the small topics or those you find easy and simple.

Maths is all about practice. If you ignore a topic for long you may forget it. That is why devoting time to every topic is important.


Maths is all about practising and revision. If you fail to stay in practice and revise your entire topic on a daily or weekly basis then you won’t be able to score well.

The more you practice the better you get.


Fearing mathematics is not the solution. You will have to deal with maths in class 11th internal school exams, 12th Boards and engineering entrance exams. It becomes quite important to face reality and start working to improve your mathematics.

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