What Are The Most Used Platforms On The Internet ?


The internet is one of the most revolutionary technologies ever made and there are no doubts about that. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc, e-mail services like Gmail, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.  Online video chat platforms like Omegle, FaceFlow, Chatrandom, etc. OTT platforms like Netflix, Disney, Amazon, etc. are now among the most used places on the internet and have become part of our daily life routine. All of them are connected and making our life easier than ever. Let’s talk about some of the most used platforms on the internet.

1. E-mail Services

In 1965, the first email was sent, and since then so many things have changed. Modern email service providers like Gmail, NetEase, Outlook, Yahoo, etc. are now had billions of active users every month. Gmail itself has over 1.7B active users every month. Other providers like NetEase and Outlook have more than 450M and 300M, active users, every month respectively. Gmail is the 4th most search thing on the internet on google. As per reports in 2017, 269B emails are sent each day all over the internet. E-mail services are the most used platforms on the internet for sure. Social media, OTT services, online video chat services like Omegle, etc. are totally dependent on your email ID and services.

2. OTT Platforms

Over-the-top means OTT platforms are now one most used platforms on the internet. Traditional Television services like D2H and cable TV are now replaced by OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney plus, etc. As reports in 2021, Netflix has over 200M paid subscribers all over the world follow by Disney 90M. Amazon price has 112M alone in the US. Also, reports say that over 50% of homes have OTT service in the united states. The craze of OTT is growing and the time for cable and D2H service will be ended soon for sure. These platforms require your phone number or email ID for the user verification just like online random chat services Omegle, OTT platforms and etc.

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3. Online chat with random – Talk with Strangers

want to talk with a stranger ? A video chat with someone you don’t know? Well, it’s possible.  There is nothing impossible on the internet. Random chat services providers like Omegle, Chatrandom, Ome TV, Chatiw, FaceFlow, etc. are providing these kinds of services. You just have to visit the website or application of the platform and click on the chat option. These platforms provide both text and video chat services. When you select the chat option, it will connect you with someone online and also want to chat just like you. Omegle and FaceFlow are among the most famous platforms. These all platforms have over 100M daily active users every day. These platforms only allow and 18+ users. Security and safety measures should be taken during the conversations. So read and follow all the guideline provides by platforms and services providers.

4. Social Media applications

 The revolutionary era of communication has come up with social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc, and change the whole way of communication. These apps are now part of our daily life routine. As per reports alone Facebook app has over 2B users all over the world. Another most famous application Snap chat has over 250M Register and active users. Facebook’s own platform Whatsapp has over 2B users and 30% are alone from India. Another Facebook own platform Instagram has over 1B active users. Telegram, Skype, hike, etc. is also the most used platforms. These platforms are now part of our daily life and connecting everyone from all over the world. These Platforms provide services like texting, sharing images and videos, live video and text chat, different kinds from image and video filters, and much more. Video chat services like Omegle are also available on Social media platforms. Social media is like the biggest blessing of the 21st century.

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The Internet defiantly has changed the way of communication and our daily life. From sending an email to the billions of money bank transactions is now totally done by the internet. Social media provides communications services and now people are closer than ever. Online Video chat platforms like Omegle and others help to connect with anyone random people from all over the world. OTT platforms are now providing new ways of entertainment. Nothing is impossible on the internet!

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