What is Google Andromeda OS and What It Offers?

What is Google Andromeda OS and What It Offers? - Internet - Google is all set to hold a massive event on October 4, 2016, where it’s supposed to release

Google is all set to hold a massive event on October 4, 2016, where it’s supposed to release a various new product including the new Pixel smartphones, Chromecast 4K Ultra, Google Home smart speaker, Google WiFi, but what truly excites us the most, is the supposed Andromeda OS. If you have been monitoring the news around Google’s upcoming event, there are dependable gossips suggesting that Google will tease its brand-new Andromeda OS at the October 4 event.

What is Andromeda OS?

We have heard gossips in the past proposing that Google plans to join Android and Chrome OS and well, Andromeda OS is should do exactly that. Recently Google starts rolling out Android apps support for Chromebooks but that’s totally different from what Andromeda OS will offer.

If the reports are to be trusted, Andromeda OS is a brand-new platform that is a hybrid of Android and Chrome OS. It is basically Android with Chrome OS features built-in. It’s additionally different Google’s Fuchsia OS, which is another rumored Google platform for IoT devices. In this way, we can hope to see Chrome OS’ cloud-centric features in full blown Android, designed for laptops, tablets and convertibles to take on Microsoft and Apple offerings.

What is Google Andromeda OS and What It Offers?


  • Cloud-centric features

Chrome OS added a decent amount of traction due to the fact that it was easy to use and also due to its cloud-centric nature. With Andromeda OS expected to integrate Chrome OS inside Android, we can expect incredible Google Drive integration in the platform. On a Chromebook, you never lose a file because everything’s saved in the cloud.

  • Unified Apps

Microsoft attempted its hand at unified apps with Universal apps in Windows 10 to moderate success and Google will attempt the same with Andromeda OS. The hybrid platform should come with different Google apps that run equally well on laptops as well as smartphones.

  • Continuity like feature

With Andromeda OS feature including the same code as Android, we can expect an Andromeda running laptop and an Android running smartphone to pack some Continuity like features. For people unaware, Continuity is Apple’s macOS and iOS feature, which gives users move from an iPhone or iPad to a Mac consistently without losing any work. For example, you can begin an activity on iOS and proceed with it on Mac, take calls on your iPhone from your Mac and more.

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When does Andromeda OS launch?

We were doubtful of any Andromeda OS news at the October 4 event but a recent tweet by Android and Chrome OS chief Hiroshi Lockheimer recommends that Andromeda OS will to be sure be introduced at the event. His tweet understands, “We announced the 1st version of Android 8 years ago today.

While Andromeda OS should be made official at the event, we can expect that the OS to arrive for developers and devices at the begin of next year. We don’t know yet if Andromeda OS will be accessible as an update to the current Chromebooks but we wouldn’t get our hopes up yet.

When do Andromeda OS Devices arrive?

Along with gossips around Andromeda OS, there have also been reports recommending that Google plans to launch a Pixel 3 device, codenamed ‘Bison’ in Q3 2017. The device will be an ultra-thin laptop to take on the likes of Microsoft’s Surface Book and will supposedly feature specifications like a 12.3-inch display, Intel m5 or i5 chipset, 8 or 16 GB RAM, 32 or 128 GB storage, USB Type-C, fingerprint scanner, stylus support and touchpad with haptic feedback. Additionally, the Google Pixel 3 laptop will not sport the Chromebook brand, and Chromebooks as we know them now, are basically dead.

Another report recommends that Google will first showcase the hybrid OS on a Huawei Nexus tablet at the end of the year, which doesn’t appear conceivable, considering the Nexus brand is going away but Google certainly has the ability to surprise us. Before the Pixel 3 arrives, Google should showcase a number of Andromeda OS devices to begin. Along with the Pixel 3, various manufacturers are reported to aboard the Andromeda OS train in 2017.

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Andromeda OS: Google’s plan to conquer the desktop

Google has taken over the web with its services and smartphones with Android and desktop is the main missing piece in the puzzle. While Chrome OS was a conventional offering, it did not have the capability to take on the likes of Windows or macOS. However, Android is developing platform and add to that Chrome OS’ simplicity and you get a truly complete desktop platform in the form of Andromeda OS.

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