Why a Certification in Change Management Foundation is Important

What does project management (and similar roles) entail? Some of the answers are pretty obvious – maintaining an optimum momentum of operations and productivity, keeping employees engaged in a positive manner, and ensuring that top-down communication is being disseminated in an efficient, sensitive and impactful manner while also addressing employee concerns. However, there is another important aspect that needs to be built on – how to communicate with team members and mobilize them during ‘change’. Change Management skills come into play when there is a shift in the way a company works – whether due to internal dynamics or dictated by the market. 

This ‘change’ can cause anything between tiny tweaks to major overhauls in the way a team operates – requiring team members to adapt, change routines and work culture, realign goals and learn new skills. In other words, change can cause disruption and managers with Change Management Foundation training are best equipped to handle this scenario.

What are the common scenarios that change management addresses?

Most times, changes in the business filters to the lower levels, requiring employees of the company to adopt new roles that may push them out of a comfort zone that they would have got used to. This can cause apprehension of what lies ahead and the job of a manager is to utilize change management communication techniques to allay any concerns and build a team-wide constructive outlook towards the proposed organizational change.

Let us delve into why a Change Management Foundation Certification is important for the modern, aspiring professional.

Helping the team embrace change

Change management deals with the nitty-gritty of an organization’s operations while connecting it to a larger picture. An organizational change could have an impact on the daily routine of the team members as it may involve the overhauling of old processes, sometimes contradicting pre-existing patterns. This can have a negative impact on the employees if not handled well and it is in these situations where your change management skills will be needed.

Helping the organization save valuable resources

When you acquire the skill set via a Change Management Certification, you will be able to apply it to help your organization save valuable time and resources during the change process. The CMBOK guidelines which form the foundation of change management will help you, as a manager, keep employees and other stakeholders engaged and focused on the benefits that transition and change bring about.

This reduces roadblocks and resistance to change, making it a smoother process that is completed with minimal time wastage. Change management also focuses on the morale of team members and preserves the human capital of the organization. 

Change Management Foundation – Creating a Global Standard

One of the most important aspects of the Change Management Foundation Certification is that it is based on an industry-recognized body of information – the CMBOK. It standardizes the techniques and solutions that managers refer to and it provides the basis for a credential that is trusted across the world. From a career point-of-view, this is priceless recognition. It is a credential that is recognized globally, so your Change Management Foundation Course in US will open up avenues across the world.

Summing up the importance of Change Management training

There are many things to be learned in a Change Management course. One of the major topics is change and its impact on an individual. All management roles deal primarily with human relationships and that is a focus area of Change Management. The uncertainty that changes (whether structural, role-related, operations-related or any other) brings about can shake an employee’s confidence. In an industry-approved Change Management Foundation Certification program, you will learn about the ‘human side of change’ and how to guide team members into the correct frame of mind so they are able to subscribe to the objectives of the change that is necessitated from them.

Change, the Industry, and Your Role

The IT world is the most affected by changes. All the top firms at every level are known for their ability to reinvent themselves to stay competitive and relevant. The average team member in a project is therefore not immune to the possibility of change.

Change management addresses the crucial micro-interactions that are needed to make a transition seamless and successful. At the project level, how do we change resistance to cooperation – not just short-term acceptance but a long-term subscription to the vision at the top?  

To sum things up, Change Management Foundation training is important both for the health of the organization and its employees and for the aspiring professionals who seek knowledge and a positive career path.

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