10 Cool Android Apps You Do Not Know About

Download Paid Apps in Android for Free
Download Paid Apps in Android for Free
10 Cool Android Apps You Do Not Know About - Mobile - Android has evolved to become a juggernaut cellular platform, each in phrases of marketplace share

Android has evolved to become a juggernaut cellular platform, each in phrases of marketplace share and in terms of variety of apps. The Google Play store boasts of greater than 2.2 million apps, that’s a big variety. This indicates, a variety of of new apps arrive on the Play save nearly regular. At the same time as no longer they all are incredible, a few apps do carry in something new and intuitive. but, we have a tendency to overlook out on maximum of those new Android apps, except of direction, you’re an app discovery aficionado. Consequently, we determined to discover the state-of-the-art Android apps which have made their way to the Play save these days and right here are the 10 cool Android apps we discovered:


There are several events like a power cut or when we are travelling to a remote area, when we use our smartphone as a torch. However, initiating the torch on our Android smartphone isn’t as simple as one might expect. You either have to switch it on via Quick Settings from the notification shade or install a dedicated app, which brings a shortcut to the homescreen. To fix things up, the cool new Torchie app allows you activate an Android device’s flash light by just pressing the volume button. Also, if your smartphone does not happen to have a flash, it will activate the screen flash. The open-source app also prevents activating the torch when it’s in your pocket. Overall, it’s a pretty handy app that you should install and the good news is, it works like a charm even on non-rooted devices.


Install: (Free with in-app purchases for donation)

2.Navbar Apps

The navigation bar presenting the lower back, home and multitasking keys on Android can be quite bland, while you compare it to other elements of Android and that is wherein Navbar comes in handy. The app helps you to add widgets, shades and greater to the Android navigation bar. You could even set the navigation bar to have shades that fit an app. There’s additionally the option to set a custom photograph at the bar but that requires you to get the top rate version of the app. We’ve got already talked at length on the one-of-a-kind ways to customise the navigation bar and Navbar is arguably the great answer for non-rooted devices.


Install: (Free with Premium version at $0.99 in-app purchase)


Apps are cool however when you have a ton of them set up on your Android phone, probabilities are, you are not getting the great performance. Well, that’s because a few apps are a CPU and battery hog. in that case, you could use Hermit. The app lets you create lite apps on your preferred portals and offerings. Really positioned, it creates a lite app with the net version of a provider or platform. for example, you can create a fb lite app from Hermit and it’ll honestly be a web wrapper for the cellular internet version of the platform. Also, you may endlessly customise every lite app to make certain you get the fine performance and a streamlined appearance. There are options to block malware, popups, choose a theme for the app, search & share integration and more.


Plus the app is free and there are no ads, so what’s not to like. Having said that, the free version only allows you create two lite apps and you will have to get the Premium version for unlimited apps.

Install: (Free with Premium version at $4.99 in-app purchase)


If you’ve wanted to share simple links, apps or smaller files without any problem of turning on WiFi or Bluetooth, well, Radon has you covered. The app uses your phone’s WiFi, Bluetooth and Ultrasound signals to let you easily share links or smaller data. While it does turn on Bluetooth, it does not bother you with prompts. You can just hit the share button anywhere on Android and from the share options, select Beam with Radon, after which the app will start beaming the links to other devices with Radon installed. The recipients will simply have to open Radon on their phones and the shared links or files will be automatically opened.


While Radon does not handle large files, it works fine when it comes to sharing text, links or smaller data. Keep in mind though that the devices need to be in close proximity for Radon to work.

Install: (Free)


New messaging apps like Allo and the likes of iMessage convey guide for smart AI based replies for messages. clever replies are not anything but AI-primarily based automatic respond guidelines to a text message. From what we’ve visible, it seems incredibly handy. well, as you would possibly guessed, Fluenty brings the function to any Android device and moreover, it is incorporated into the notification center, so that you can reply to messages in-line. How cool is that? once you’ve installation the app, any message that arrives may have options in the notification. One to type in a reply or use clever reply. you can really faucet the latter choice to get inside the various responses based totally on the message. The app works with the likes of SMS, Hangouts, WhatsApp, fb Messenger and KakaoTalk.


It works with Android Wear smartwatches, which should come in quite convenient. In our testing, we found the app to work pretty well and the automatic reply suggestions are also pretty natural and something you can definitely use. If you would just like the ability to reply to messages in-line like Nougat, you can also check out the quickReply app.

Install: (Free)


KinScreen is another very cool Android app that deserves a mention on this listing. The app does now not feature a splendid interface however it brings some very cool functions. KinScreen shall we making a decision whilst you want your devicescreen to be turned on and off. As an example, you could make sure the display screen is grew to become on through just detecting a motion, tilt, waving over the proximity sensor and more. This is available in on hand while you are doing something and you don’t need the display screen to time-out on you. It even we could you switch the screen off or on by genuinely overlaying the proximity sensor at the side of greater such option.


Moreover, all of the aforementioned options and rules can be configured to suit your needs. However, you will need the Premium version of the app to unlock the various configuration options.

Install: (Free with Premium version at $0.99 in-app purchase)


Contacts telephone Dialer: drupe (yes, that’s what it’s called on the Play store) is a pretty nifty app that is certain to make your existence less difficult. Don’t go through its name, the app isn’t a easy phone dialer, instead it combines your contacts and communication apps. The app features a floating icon at the homescreen, which can be swiped to convey up the dialer. The interface features a list of your contacts at the left and the right listing capabilities diverse actions like name, message, e mail, WhatsApp, fb Messenger and more. All you need to do is press hold a contact and drop it to one of those moves to quick name or message through the diverse apps indexed. Sounds cool, proper?


The app also contains a lot of other features like call recording, snooze missed calls or set reminders, a recent feed that’s unified and more. We certainly love the app and we are pretty sure you’ll find it great too, so check it out.

Install: (Free)


Use Instagram religiously? If sure, magnify is for you! The app brings a number of cool features aimed toward Instagram aficionados. First of all, if you are someone like me, who is continually confused on what hashtags to put in a publish, properly, amplify has your back. The app brings you the most popular hashtags in numerous categories and you could insert multiple hashtags from extraordinary categories. It even helps you to agenda posts, however, the app does not robotically submit on Instagram for you. As an alternative, it shall we notifies you to submit at the scheduled time. That’s no longer all though, as the app even helps you to repost directly from Instagram.


While the free version provides the above mentioned features, you can get the Pro version, which unlocks all the tags and brings custom tags, unlimited scheduled posts, the ability to add signature to posts and more. We already have a list of the various apps that improve the experience on Instagram, so you should definitely check that out.

Install: (Free with Pro version at $4.99 in-app purchase)

9.Snap Swipe Drawer

Android widgets make loads of things less complicated, like analyzing emails or news at the go, posting on social media feeds, launching a quick motion and doing diverse different tasks. But, no longer all people likes widgets, as additionally they generally tend to clutter your homescreen. Properly, what if you could allow widgets in the notification middle? nicely, Snap Swipe Drawer lets you do precisely that. you may sincerely add widgets inside the app, visit choices and pick out the activation location inside the reputation bar, enable the app and you are good to move. Then, you may truly swipe down from the activation location you chose and also you need to see your favorite widgets. moreover, you may even have interaction with those widgets. As an instance, you may scroll through emails inside the Gmail widget.

Snap Swipe DrawerSnap Swipe Drawer

While there is a free version of the app available, it only lets you add three widgets, which is a shame. You have to get the Prime version to get unlimited widgets.

Install: (Free with Prime version at $1.99 in-app purchase)

10.Stitch It!

Stitch It!, the well-known screenshot tool from iOS currently arrived on Android with much fanfare. As the name suggests, the app allows you stitch multiple screenshots for a better sharing experience. It specifically comes in convenient when there are screenshots of conversations, as you can use the app’s transparent overlay crop tool to stitch them together to make them look uniform. The app also lets you edit your private info from screenshots or even highlight a part of the screenshot.

Stitch It

Stitch ItThe free version only allows you stitch three images at a time and also puts a watermark on the stitched image. Moreover, the app includes banner ads. To remove the ads and unlock these features, you will have to get a subscription.

Install: (Free with Pro version at subscriptions starting at $1.99/4 months)

Try out some of the latest Android apps

Well, those had been a number of the latest Android apps that not most effective convey something precise however also are surprisingly useful. As we have referred to, there are a excess of apps launched everyday at the Play store, so we might have missed out on an app .

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