12 Cool New Snapchat Tricks for Android and iPhone

12 Cool New Snapchat Tricks for Android and iPhone - Mobile - In the event that you are somebody who has recently begun utilizing Snapchat or regardless

Snapchat is a standout amongst the most famous applications in nations like US however it has quite recently started to pick up footing in different nations. In this way, in the event that you are somebody who has recently begun utilizing Snapchat or regardless of the possibility that you are as of now snared to the application, it’s vital to realize that there are various cool Snapchat deceives you won’t not know about. Sure, everyone knows the basics and we have already brought you a few Snapchat tricks in the past but if you are looking for fresh new ones, you’ve come at the opportune place. Here are 12 cool new Snapchat traps that you ought to think about:

1. Pin emojis to objects in video:

Snapchat introduced a cool “emoji pin” include a couple of months back and it’s super fun. The element essentially gives clients a chance to stick emojis to moving items in Snapchat recordings. For example, if you pin an emoji to your face in a video where you are moving around, the emoji will remain stuck to your face even when you are moving.

To stick an emoji, record a video which has a lot of movements or an object moving. At that point, tap the emoji symbol at the top and select the emoji you need. Resize the emoji if you want and then, press hold the emoji at the object you want to pin it to. Once done, Snapchat will reload the video with the emoji stuck.

12 Cool New Snapchat Tricks for Android and iPhone

2. Control who can contact you:

It’s important that you take control of your privacy on Snapchat and that is why Snapchat lets you control who can contact you. You can also control who gets to view your stories and if you want to be seen in “Quick Add”. To set things up, go to Snapchat’s Settings and here, you will find a “Who Can” section, where there are options to who can “Contact Me“, “View My Story” and “See Me in Quick Add“.

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12 Cool New Snapchat Tricks for Android and iPhone

The Contact Me option lets you decide if only your friends can contact you (snaps, chats, calls etc.) or everyone can. The same options are available in View My Story option but additionally, there’s a “Custom” option, which lets you block specific users from seeing your story.

3. Zoom in smoothly while capturing videos:

Zooming in while capturing a video on Snapchat can be pretty troublesome, considering you have to pinch to zoom, while you are holding the capture button. However, Snapchat has included a cool workaround, which not various people know of. While capturing a video, you can simply move your ‘press hold’ from the capture button towards the top to zoom in and it all happens smoothly. Simple yet very effective! It only works with the rear camera, of course.

4. Take screenshot without notifying the sender (Android):

We don’t generally prescribe doing this however in the event that you should, there is an approach to take screenshots without telling the sender. When you get a snap, you can simply utilize Google Now on Tap to take a screenshot effectively. In the event that you are running a more seasoned Android form, don’t stress, there’s an option strategy too. You ought to look at our nitty gritty article on how you can take screenshots on Snapchat without informing the sender

12 Cool New Snapchat Tricks for Android and iPhone

5. Save parts of a chat:

When you send instant messages on Snapchat, they are self-destructed when the messages are perused by the beneficiary. In any case, on the off chance that you need to spare a couple instant messages in a visit, there is an approach to do as such and it’s truly simple. To save a message, just press hold on the text and the message should feature a grey highlight, which suggests that it has been saved. You can squeeze hold again to make it self-destruct.

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12 Cool New Snapchat Tricks for Android and iPhone

 6. Check out older lenses:

Snapchat’s lenses is arguably the most utilized element in the application and rightly so, because it’s just too much fun to miss out on. And Snapchat makes sure to add new lenses every now and then to keep the fun alive. In doing so though, it does remove a few fan favorite lenses. The uplifting news is, you can utilize the more seasoned focal points by essentially changing the date on your iPhone and Android smartphone.

You can basically go to Date and Time settings and Time settings and disable automatic date & time and set it to the past. At that point, open Snapchat and the focal points from that date will begin stacking. This trap has a hit and miss record, so look at in the event that it works for you.

7. Add more text in a snap:

Naturally, Snapchat limits the content going with the snaps to 31-characters, which is insufficient for each photo but rather as you may have speculated, there is a trap to include more content in a snap. All you have to do is go to notes app like iOS’ Notes app or Evernote on Android, create a new note and simply hit return/enter multiple time to add spaces. Once done, simply duplicate the void range and glue it in the content space in Snapchat. You can then simply go to various lines and include more content.

12 Cool New Snapchat Tricks for Android and iPhone

 8. Record Video without holding down the capture button (iPhone):

Holding the capture button to record videos on Snapchat isn’t very user friendly, considering the moment you take your finger off, the video gets stopped. If you are using an iPhone though, there is a workaround.

Go to iOS Settings->General->Accessibility->Assistive Touch.

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12 Cool New Snapchat Tricks for Android and iPhone

Here turn on “Assistive Touch” and then, tap on “Create New Gesture.“. In the New Gesture page, just press hold at around the center of the display and move it in a circular pattern. Once done, tap on “Save” and enter a name for the gesture.

12 Cool New Snapchat Tricks for Android and iPhone

After you are done, open Snapchat and in the camera viewfinder, tap on the Assistive Touch icon. Then, tap on “Custom” and hit “Snapchat Trick” or whatever you named the gesture.

12 Cool New Snapchat Tricks for Android and iPhone

You will then see a circular icon, just hold it and drop it on the capture button and the video should start recording.

12 Cool New Snapchat Tricks for Android and iPhone


9. Create your own filters:

If your favorite color filters are not available, you can create your very own filters through this neat trick. Just capture a photo or video and add a text and change the text’s color to the one you want. Once the text is added, enlarge it until you get a neat filter effect.

12 Cool New Snapchat Tricks for Android and iPhone

 10. Know when someone has removed you or blocked you:

If you think you might have been removed or blocked by someone on Snapchat, you can confirm it. If you are still friends with someone on Snapchat, you will be able to see their snapscore and if you are removed or blocked, you will not be able to see it. If you want other ways to know if you have been blocked.


12 Cool New Snapchat Tricks for Android and iPhone

Bonus: Create your own geo-filter:

You must have used Snapchat’s geo-fiters, which are simple overlays that suggest a location or a landmark. Well, Snapchat lets you create your very own geo-filters. There are two types of filters, Community (city, landmarks, public locations) and On-demand (logos and brand trademarks). Creating a geo-filter is not a very simple process, as it involves you submitting the design and then, Snapchat will check it out and see if it’s worth approving.


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