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10 Best Music Streaming Sites and Internet Radio

streaming sites
streaming sites
Music is the thing that keeps us freed from every one of the stresses on the planet.

10 Best Music Streaming Sites and Internet Radio – Music is the thing that keeps us freed from every one of the stresses on the planet and that is the reason it’s critical we tune in to quality music. Online music streaming sites have as of now got a significant decent a dependable balance and they ought to keep on making further advances later on. By and by, there is no lack of extraordinary choices with regards to music spilling locales. Truth be told, there are a huge amount of music streaming destinations over the web and picking the best among them can be an entirely all-out undertaking. All things considered, we have constantly enjoyed doing your chaotic work, so we did this one, also.


10 Best Music Streaming Sites and Internet Radio
Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services. It has an ever growing music catalogue of over 30 million songs with 1.5 billion playlists and some amazing features. Spotify is obtainable as an online music streaming website as well as an app accessible on almost all platforms. The famous music streaming service is available in a free and premium version. The free version play music, the premium Spotify subscription at $9.99/month brings ad-free music streaming & radio, unlimited skips, offline usage, HQ audio and more. Spotify is available in more than 60 countries including the likes of Australia, Denmark, Brazil, Chile, Malaysia, France, UK, USA and more.

Visit Website: Spotify


10 Best Music Streaming Sites and Internet Radio

SoundCloud is a great place to discover great music & upcoming artists and chances are you might already be using it. It’s essentially the best music social network. SoundCloud is the best place if you want to discover new music and budding musicians. If you are a musician yourself, you can share your own work for the people to see and comment. The coolest feature of SoundCloud is the ability to see songs in the form of waveforms and users have the ability to comment on a certain time of song. SoundCloud is available for free for listeners and they can listen to music & connect with people without any limitations. There are some limitations on uploads though, so if you are a budding musician looking to share more of your music, you will need the paid subscription plans. A paid subscription of $59/year lets users upload 6 hours of content every day, while a $159/year plans brings unlimited uploads. These paid plans also bring advanced statistics. SoundCloud is available on the web and as an app on Android, iOS and Firefox OS.

Visit Website: SoundCloud


10 Best Music Streaming Sites and Internet Radio

Deezer is a very popular music streaming site, which claims of more than 35 million tracks and 100 million playlists. It provides the usual features like music discovery, favourites, playlists and integration of social media. Deezer is not only available for your smartphone platforms like Android, iOS, Windows Phone but it’s also available for OS X and Windows PCs, Smart TVs and car systems. It’s also obtainable as a web player, so you can just shoot up the browser and stream music with Deezer. It’s accessible in a free ad-supported version, which limits skipping and scrubbing. There’s a Premium subscription for $9.99/month, which removes ads & limits, increases audio quality (320 kbps) and brings Google Chromecast support. That’s not all, as there’s also an Elite version, which costs $14.99/month and brings CD quality audio (1,411 kbps). Deezer is available in more than 180 countries including UAE, Argentina, Canada, Germany, Greece, Italy, Russia, South Africa etc.

Visit Website: Deezer


10 Best Music Streaming Sites and Internet Radio

Pandora has always been known as a senior in the music industry and rightly so, as the service has been available for more than a decade & half now. While Pandora does not boast of a huge music library, it prides itself in its music recommendation, thanks to its Music Genome Project. Pandora’s curation tricks hides its lack of songs (which is just 1 million by the way) but it might become a limitation for some. Pandora offers a free account for users, which comprises of ads and limits the skips and only lets you create 100 personalized stations.
But, you can get a Pandora One account for a paid subscription of $3.99/month or $36/year. A Pandora One subscription removes ads & skip limits and brings higher quality audio, access to Pandora One standalone app and more. Pandora along with its web offering is also available as an app on most major platforms including wearables like Apple Watch and Pebble. Sadly, the music streaming service is only available in the US. The company has also recently acquired Rdio for $75 million, so we might see some cool Rdio features come to Pandora.

Visit Website: Pandora

10 Best Music Streaming Sites and Internet Radio is another cool music streaming site that goes by the mantra of Explore, Connect and Revisit for users. The music service lets you explore new music and check out other people’s preferences in music. If you can also get in touch with people who share your passion in a specific type of music. The most important feature of is its recommendations, which are generally spot on, thanks to the Scrobbling feature. The Scrobble feature, which kind of lets the app remember your favourite songs is so popular that it’s integrated in various other music services like Spotify, Deezer, Groove, HypeMachine and more. It features more than 12 million individual sound tracks and while it has free accounts, the paid subscription of $3/month removes ads, gets you priority on the server, access to radio on mobile apps and more.

Visit Website:

Google Play Music All Access

10 Best Music Streaming Sites and Internet Radio

Google Play Music features a catalogue of 30 million songs and users can get “All Access”, which means ability to stream all the songs through a monthly subscription of $9.99/month. Google has been constantly updating its Play Music service and it recently brought YouTube to the mix with YouTube Music Key, which brings curated playlists, instant mixes and more. The company’s music service also uses Songza’s (which it acquired last year) features like radio, auto-created playlists. The company also recently announced that it will shut down Songza in January 2016 and implement all its tricks in Play Music.

Google Play Music is obtainable in 58 countries contains major ones like Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Mexico, Spain, Italy, UK, US and more but some countries like India are still missing out.

Visit Website: Google Play Music

Microsoft Groove Music

10 Best Music Streaming Sites and Internet Radio

Microsoft has been trying to hard to make an impact with its music streaming and its offering has gone through a tons of changes ever since it came into the public eye. It started off as Zune Music, then turned into Xbox Music and it’s now known as Groove Music. It previously crossed over 40 million songs, which is a great number indeed. Groove is available as a music streaming site as well as an app on all major platforms. Microsoft does offer a 30 day trial after which you will have to get the $9.99/month or $99.99/year subscription. Along with streaming, Groove also brings you the option to download songs, cool artist based radio, curated playlists and more.

Microsoft’s Groove Music is available in more than 20 countries like Australia, Austria, Finland, Ireland, Japan, Spain, USA, UK, Japan etc.

Visit Website: Groove Music

Slacker Radio

10 Best Music Streaming Sites and Internet Radio

Slacker Radio is a radio-like music streaming website and app, as the name suggests. Its unique point has always been its expertly curated music stations, which are almost 300 in number. While Slacker doesn’t give you details on the number in its music catalogue, it does mention about having “more than 10x the music of Pandora”. The great thing on Slacker is free account users can listen to as many songs as they want but they will have to endure some ads after every 4-5 songs. It’s available in two paid subscription plans: Plus and Premium. Slacker Radio Plus ($3.99/month) brings station caching, unlimited song skips & song requests, no ads, ability to turn off DJs on stations and lyrics support. Slacker Radio Premium ($9.99/month) brings all the features from Plus and adds features like songs on demand, custom & offline playlists and more. Sadly, Slacker Radio is only available in the US and Canada.

Visit Website: Slacker Radio


10 Best Music Streaming Sites and Internet Radio

Mixcloud is a very popular music service that won’t aim at people looking for songs or specific albums and instead, it’s the place to go for mixes and some great curated music in general. It’s obtainable as a web platform and as an app. The music streaming service aims towards the longer music formats like DJ mixes, podcasts, radio shows etc.. It might not have the music catalogue muscle of other music services on the list but it has 3 million mixes from 500,000 partners. All these cool mixes are longer in duration, so you can keep playing them for hours and hours. It lets you discover music shows based on your tastes or moods like chillout, classical, Rap, RnB, Jazz, Indie and more. Moreover, Mixcloud is totally free to use & available worldwide and there’s no catch to that.

Visit Website: Mixcloud


10 Best Music Streaming Sites and Internet Radio

Rhapsody is another well curved music streaming website, which brings all of the usual music streaming features. It has over 30 million tracks in its catalogue, so there’s no shortage of that. Rhapsody comes in two plans, UnRadio and Premier. Rhapsody UnRadio fetches a 14-day free trial, after which you pay $4.99/month and you get ad-free radio with ability to save favourite tracks, unlimited skips and play on web or mobile. Rhapsody Premier lets you use the service at $1/month for the first three months after which it is priced at $9.99/month. Premier brings all the UnRadio features and other additional options like unlimited access, download anything including songs, albums & playlists, ability to play on home audio devices and a specialized Kids section. Rhapsody is available in more than 30 countries including Brazil, Belgium, France, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Spain, Sweden and more.

Visit Website: Rhapsody


10 Best Music Streaming Sites and Internet Radio

Tidal is a high loyalty music streaming service for both consumer and musicians, since it pays the highest royalty percentages to songwriters and producers. Tidal brings over 25 million tracks and that too in lossless quality (1,411 kbps). The music service has some cool features like curated recommendations, discover new artists, Tidal X for upcoming artists, audio search, ability to listen to your favourite songs even when offline and more. Tidel provides a 30-day free trial in both of its subscription plans: Premium ($9.99) and HiFi ($19.99). Both the plans are free of ads and have unlimited listening time but the HiFI plan brings you lossless CD quality music, which makes much of a difference. Tidal is obtainable in more than 40 countries across the globe including the likes of Australia, Denmark, Hong Kong, Iceland, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, Turkey and more.

Visit Website: Tidal

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