How to Track Friend’s Location on Android

How to Track Friend’s Location on Android - Android - Here is android application to discover the area of clients or track your Friend's area effectively.

Here is android application to discover the area of clients or track your Friend’s area effectively – Best Android Friend locator applications 2017.

To Track Friend’s Location on Android

GPS: – GPS stands Geo-Location Technology which is an awesome technology. It helps finding where we are and the area where we need to go among different stuffs what is close-by and where will be the place!!

Today we will talk about how we can track our Friend’s area with our cell phones and electronic applications.



Mobcast is accessible on android through Web works with the help of Facebook so you don’t need to include Friend’s in this application, it automatically gets Friend’s list from Facebook. You can see your Friend’s area on this application and can likewise get them through push notification. Post your area and let your Friend’s think about your area.


LOCiMOBILE is accessible on both android, iPhone and through web browser. It is extremely cool application. You can find your family and Friend’s progressively with GPS Tracking. LOCiMOBILE has three applications identified with a similar area based. Pick according to your requirement.

GPS Phone Tracker Pro

It is a free app that comes with lot of features.

The GPS Phone Tracking Pro App makes it easy to keep track of life’s essentials; use it to:

Find Your Friend’s – and get directions to their location.

Find Your Phone – check the app’s Web site to find a lost device.

Stay Connected – discover your Friend’s’ whereabouts at any time simply by checking the GPS Phone Tracking Pro map.

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Friend Locator: Phone Tracker

Friend Locator application is a hearty, proficient and exact area following application. It is intended to help you discover your Friend’s area in an exceptionally exact and quick way. The application enables area following between Friends and family in a private network. Effectively include a perpetual number of Friend’s to your system and begin following.

No registration required! Find and track Friends and family by cell number.

Receive GPS tracking alerts about every location your Friends and family pass through along the way.

See the location history of Friends and family members during past 2 years for free.

No need to enable GPS, Friend Locator app uses cell tracking if the GPS service is not available.

Find your lost or stolen phone easily using your Friend’s phone.

You don’t have to remember any other PIN or username. Find Friend’s by phone number.


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