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Beating College Stress Forever: 5 Working Techniques for Students

College stress is extremely common among modern students. The majority have experienced it at least once and a smaller percentage has developed more severe issues due to it. Academic expectations, living away from home, and financial troubles are the main reasons for students’ stress. 

We are here to tell you that you don’t have to live buried under the weight of stress every day. Below are some of our best tips on how to get rid of stress and not let it impair your quality of life.



Study Hard

Academic anxiety is cited as one of the main reasons for students’ stress. And it’s not surprising: students have loads of academic papers to write, classes to visit, textbooks to study and group projects to attend to. The easiest way to not get anxious about upcoming tests is to study hard all the way, not just the night before. 

Studying is a perfect way to boost confidence in your skills before a test. Of course, it’s easier said than done. Yet, if you try it, you’ll see how much calmer you’ll feel. To free up your schedule and dedicate all your forces to test prep, you can always order essay paper from an essay writers service online.

Getting help is necessary sometimes, especially if you lost track of time and forgot about a paper due. Or maybe, you’ve fallen ill and didn’t attend an important lecture. Then, ordering a sample paper from a professional writer is your best bet to alleviate the stress catch up with academics.


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Cut on Caffeine

Although caffeine can be a good temporary method to make you feel more energized, excessive consumption can have negative effects on your body. Coffee, just like stress, can stimulate the development of cortisol in your body. In the long run, it can cause mood swings, cravings for certain foods, and problems with sleep.

Analyze how much coffee you’re having per day. Depending on the method you use to make it, the caffeine content may vary, but try not to go over 400 mg per day. That roughly equals four cups, which is more than enough for a day. Don’t drink caffeinated beverages for at least two hours before bed.


Eat Well & Drink Water

What we put in our bodies plays a major role in how we feel. That’s not a secret to anyone. Yet, for students with hectic lifestyles, it is often complicated to stick to a diet and they lose when it comes to crafting fresh startup business ideas. Developing healthy habits is the key to living a stress-free life. 

Try to cook at home as much as you can. Most people who live in a dorm say that they don’t have a stove, hence, are unable to cook. However, if you have a microwave, you’ll be surprised at how many recipes you can prepare. 

You can blanch or steam vegetables, make omelets, boil rice and even pasta! The most adventurous could even try making food in a coffee pot! Just make sure to wash it thoroughly after.

Drinking water is also important for a multitude of reasons. The main one being that water helps oxygen travel to our brain. So, when you hydrate your body, you’re also keeping your mind healthy. 

Make it a habit to drink about 0.5 gallons of water per day. You don’t even need to buy a fancy reusable water bottle. Just buy bottled water once and reuse the vessel, it will last you literally forever.

Work Out

Have you ever started your day with a workout session? If not, you have to try it! Working out releases endorphins, making you feel happy and content. 

Working out is an amazing tool for battling stress. Not only do you take care of your body, but also become more self-aware and practice self-care. And this is extremely important for mental health.

If you don’t feel like doing high-intensity exercises, try to incorporate more outdoor-time in your life. Walk instead of taking a bus. You don’t have to wake up 30 minutes earlier to make it, just try walking back home from your classes. This will help you unwind and meditate in a way. 

Yoga can also be extremely useful when it comes to getting rid of stress. It’s not as intense as HIIT but it can still get you to sweat a little. Besides, holding asanas can be meditative, too. If you want to become more flexible, listen to your body more and breathe properly, you should definitely try it. 



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If you don’t acknowledge the stress, it is likely to pile up, leading to more severe issues. Admitting that you’re a person is the first step to take. Try to have at least one proper day off when you don’t study or work. Think of the things that make you happy and do that! 

Read a book, meet up with friends and if you feel like lying in bed the whole day, playing video games, it’s okay, too. Cut yourself some slack, have some proper me-time, and don’t put more pressure on yourself.

The way we talk to ourselves can have a huge impact on our mental health. We often don’t notice how self-deprecating and humiliating we can be to ourselves. But being positive and kind to yourself can help you become more accepting, calm, and light-hearted. 

Try to keep track of how you think and talk to yourself the way you would to your friend. Making friends and living yourself can do wonders for your mental health.


Wrapping Up

College students are under an immense amount of stress every day. But the way they treat it makes the main difference between being successful and not. 

If you suffer, complain, and do nothing to fix the problem, it’s unlikely to go away. But if you eat well, drink enough water, work out and study hard, you can make your life considerably easier! 

Remember to always be kind to yourself. It’s important to cut yourself some slack from time to time. There’s nothing wrong with spending a day in bed if you need it.


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