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How to Write a Scholarship Essay: 8 steps to success

Even if you always for A’s for your school essays, this does not mean that you will succeed with scholarship application essays. This genre has its characteristics.


Do you know how to sell yourself with a text of fewer than 3,000 characters? If not, then it is useful for you to familiarize yourself with the basic steps for creating a proper essay, and get in touch with the dissertation help.

Briana Davis, the marketing coordinator of the International Student Loan resource, shared a scheme that will help you write an outstanding essay. These tips will be useful to anyone who wants to apply for a scholarship.

The responsible moment comes when you apply for a scholarship. Your letter plays a big role in whether you will be chosen or not.

Step 1. Define the topic

The first and one of the most crucial tasks is to formulate a question that the text will answer. Study the requirements of the organization that provides funding, determine its values. Don’t be lazy. Organize the information by item. You can also contact the institution directly and ask what the essay should be about or what the main topic should be disclosed.

Step 2. Analyze your experience

Having determined the topic of the essay, start collecting the material that will serve as the basis of the document. Determine a simple question for yourself, the answer to which you need to find in your biography. For example, how your experience in entrepreneurship will help you in the future.

To answer this question, you should structure your experience — in the form of a list, a map, or in any other format. Try not to miss anything, be very specific in your words and write down.

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After that, go to the second part of the question: in this case, it is your contribution to the future of international business. Identify existing problems in the industry. Compare these two parts, by analyzing how your experience will help you cope with difficulties. Be very specific.

Step 3. Brainstorm

Experience is nothing more than experience, but to beat the competition and get a scholarship, you need ideas. Cool and fresh. At this point, go to the brainstorm. For a high-quality result, structure the process. Identify simple questions that need to be answered within your area of expertise.. During brainstorming, be sure to write down all the ideas on paper, so as not to miss anything.

Step 4. Isolate the main idea

After that, you need to choose the main idea, which will become your main trump card. Again, refer to the Q & A technique. To do this, formulate a question that reflects the essence. Example: “How useful is learning business etiquette in your country?” This way you will have the main message of the essay.

Step 5. Write a draft

Write down in the draft what you analyzed, remembered, and came up with. Create a complete and clear picture. Avoid complicated wording, write your own story. Tell us who you are and why you are doing all this. Personalization and clear language will play in your favor when the essay is read by the commission.

Step 6. Take a timeout

Finish the first revision and put the document aside. Get some air for a few hours, do other things. Meet your friends, clean up your apartment or garden, exercise, run in the park. Don’t think about the task, switch and relax.

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Step 7. Go back to the start

After a break, carefully read your essay, and estimate its content. Analyze whether you have taken everything into account and whether you managed to convey the main idea. Do you like the text? Give the document to a friend and ask them to give honest feedback. Do not expect appreciation and do not be afraid of constructive criticism, at this stage it can be useful. If you decide to write an essay in a foreign language, give it to a knowledgeable person for a control check. No such friend? Find a foreigner and offer him a reward.

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