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Cord-cutting 101: Is cutting cable right for you?


Many cable TV subscribers are considering cutting the cord for various reasons, and many have already shifted to streaming platforms. We all know that cable TV services have always been pricey, and we can’t deny that paying a lot of money for something that doesn’t provide as much value as it should. Because of the increased demand for streaming services, several service providers who formerly provided TV services have begun to offer streaming services to their users. People are always looking for something exciting, affordable, and flexible.

However, not everyone will be happy to get-go off their cable or satellite TV. There still are some service providers like Cox which offer economical plans with a pretty good channel lineup. You can get both standalone TV and internet services at economic rates with Cox. Cox plans are quite affordable and come at a promotional price, which makes them attractive.

Nevertheless, the decision will be really tough. It appears simple at first, but it is not.

Why cord-cutting can be a tough decision?

Let’s start with the argument for cord-cutting. The most problematic issue on this side of this debate is the rising cost of cable providers. According to Bruce Leichtman, head of Leichtman Research Group, the average monthly cost of a TV subscription is now around $110. Furthermore, it appears that the service rates are rising each year. According to MoffettNathanson, a Wall Street research firm, excessive fees contributed to 6 million TV service consumers departing pay-TV last year, the industry’s greatest drop ever.

Another factor that is making cord-cutting more enticing is that new web-based streaming providers are providing users with more choices. If you require traditional channels such as ABC and ESPN, you can subscribe to one of the streaming services that provide all of these channels. There are many streaming platforms, which has been in operation for many years and you can trust them

There are several streaming services where you can get a lot of stuff, but you will have to put up with advertisements. With such services, you can search and download your favorite movies and shows for free.

There are several new streaming services, such as Disney+, that aren’t even a year old but already have more than 60 million users and the numbers are rising every day, as well as established giants like Netflix, which has more than 74 million subscribers and that’s just in America. The popularity of streaming services is massive and it’s not debatable that it’s the future.

You should be cautious before making any decision, but you must test everything that appears to be more flexible and provides the same services at a lower cost. Streaming services have also been around for a long time, but many people are unaware of the versatility and fantastic features they provide.

Are streaming services costly?

Streaming services were once thought to be prohibitively costly. The cost of streaming services has increased in recent months. However, they are still less costly than traditional TV services. You can save a good amount of money after switching, so it’s worth a chance.

And, given that “cord-cutting” has become a well-known word, you’re unlikely to be cutting ties with your TV service provider—that same service provider which is also supplying you with internet and telephone services.

If you are planning to get streaming services, follow the below steps:

Get internet service

Getting an internet service is the first phase in accessing your favorite movies and series on streaming platforms. You must remember that simply having an internet connection is insufficient; you must have an internet connection that is both fast and dependable. Many firms in the United States claim to provide dependable services but fail to deliver. You should ensure that you conduct a thorough study before making a decision.

Determine your internet consumption initially, such as if you will be streaming only or will engage in other activities as well. Even a basic internet package will work perfectly fine for you if your data usage is limited to streaming and perhaps checking emails or surfing the web.

If you have numerous users in your house that stream and game on various devices, make sure you use an internet plan that comes with fast download and upload speeds because the speed will be shared if multiple devices are connected to your internet connection. If your internet connection is slow and you have multiple devices connected to your internet connection, you’ll probably spend more time watching the buffering wheel than watching the actual movie.

Get a smart device

The next step is to get a smart device that you can connect to your internet connection. It is all up to you. Some folks like to stream on their cellphones in bed, while others prefer to watch TV in their living rooms. You can log in to your streaming account and watch your favorite episodes or series whenever you want if you have a smartphone or tablet. If you want to watch on TV, make sure you have a smart TV with an internet connection so you can log in and stream. If you don’t have a smart TV, a ROKU device can be used to stream content.

Get streaming services

The final step is to get a subscription to the streaming services after you have everything that is required for streaming. The streaming services also offer multiple options with the plans. There are several plans from which you can choose, depending on your budget and requirements. You won’t need a cable box or any other equipment to access streaming services, and there won’t be any hidden fees like surcharges or taxes.

There are many streaming services available, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, among others, to which you can subscribe and have access to a wealth of wonderful content.

Summing it up

Shifting to streaming services is the smartest option you can make right now. You will save a significant amount of money while also gaining access to incredible content. Give it a go, and if you don’t like it, cable services aren’t going away anytime soon. You can subscribe to cable at any moment.

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