Does America have unlimited internet data ?

We benefit from the internet daily. As we are getting more digital and the internet is being integrated into our daily lives, just having an internet connection is not enough anymore. It is time to raise the bar towards internet access: there has to be unlimited data for browsing. Having unlimited internet data means having unlimited downloads, streaming, and gaming along with being able to connect any number of devices.

Xfinity is one of those internet service providers in the US that has unlimited browsing of the internet. If you check Xfinity’s internet deals on their website, you will find many packages that offer a wide range of downloading speeds for internet browsing.

Difference between Unlimited and Limited internet data

Unlimited internet data allows the internet user to use an uncapped amount of bandwidth until the end of a given period. On the other side of unlimited internet data, there is limited internet data as well. It refers to a data plan of a fixed limitation of a time period and once it is all used up, the user cannot use the internet again until the assigned period is finished or he signs up for a new one. A limited internet data plan is much cheaper than the unlimited one.

ISPs providing an unlimited data plan

With the internet users demanding a reliable and fast working internet, the internet service providers are always working towards providing uninterrupted internet connection and affordable plans with a considerable amount of bandwidth for internet users. Internet users in the US who are looking to have an unlimited internet data plan can refer to the below list to know what ISPs offer limited to unlimited data plans.

  • Xfinity has the highest allowance of data in their internet plans with a download speed of 100 Mbps. Xfinity offers 1.25TB to an unlimited internet data plan for their subscribers for a monthly fee.
  • Verizon Fios Home Internet offers a download speed of 200-940 Mbps with zero data caps. Data caps are when ISPs limit the data use of internet users after they have used up their data, which Verizon does not do.
  • Fronter internet service providers do not have any restrictions or data caps for internet users allowing them to use an unlimited amount of data, having subscribed to the concerned deal.
  • Spectrum’s prices are fairly competitive but it comes with no restrictions or data cap in any of their data plans.
  • Google even has its internet connection. If you reside in any of the 19 cities in the US, you will get access to their internet connection. Google Fiber also has an unlimited internet data plan for its subscribers, though it’s a bit pricier.

Benefits of having an unlimited internet

Having unlimited internet data, you get to make the most out of your online experience.

  • All your person-to-person phone conversations turn out to be portable, flexible, and cheap as well. You can make your phone calls anywhere from any device and you can keep the phone conversation for however long you prefer.
  • An hour of Netflix streaming consumes around 7GB of bandwidth. An average American watches about 25 hours of TV per week. Persons who are addicted to binge-watching are most likely to finish their limited internet bandwidth but with an unlimited internet data plan, they do not need to worry about that.
  • For work, you need an unlimited email to check your unlimited emails daily, take conference calls, and do anything else you need to do online.
  • Online games are heavy to download and require lots of updating patches and that would eat up your limited bandwidth. With an unlimited internet data plan, you do not have to worry about your internet data running out. Plus, it will give you a lag-free gaming experience as well.
  • A family of four persons or more is connected to four devices or more, each one into streaming, gaming, and working online and that can take a toll on limited data. Having unlimited internet data may be a bit costly, but it lets a family of four or more make the most of the connection without any interruption or lagging.
  • In every organization, a large amount of data is created, used, and consumed daily. If you own a business or are running a company, you might need unlimited internet data for your business to cope with the continuing rise in demand for data. Hence, your reliance on internet data should not be limited.

The internet service providers in the US do offer unlimited internet data through some of their packages, for a pricier fee. Now with unlimited internet data, you do not need to be worrying about running out of data as you enjoy streaming, downloading, gaming and browsing throughout the web.

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