How to Choose a Coursework Topic for Programming Students


Coursework gives students a chance to prove their capabilities beyond classwork and exam rooms. The advantage of coursework is the extended timeframe the student is given, which can range between a week or even a month. 


Students must take precautions when choosing their coursework topic to avoid submitting incomplete work because they chose a complicated topic. Beyond this, students must use their coursework time to do ample research and come up with a complete piece of work that will earn them high grades. 


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Programming language 
The language you will use will determine how good your coursework will be. Some programming languages are complicated and others are simple to use. Most teachers will recommend their students to use beginner-friendly programming languages. Some programming languages have been used by developers for more than twenty years and are easy to use on any type of hardware or Operating System.
Other programming languages are newer but are recommended for beginners because they are easy to understand and use. When choosing your programming topic, make sure your programming language can run on most hardware, if it’s multithreaded, secure and robust.


Choose an interesting topic
An interesting topic can be something that is loved by many people or something that you love personally. If you love creative design, you may choose a topic on colors and create a program that provides better solutions on RGB.
There are several hundreds of topics you can choose from but if it is boring to you, you might not achieve much in your coursework. If you love computer hardware, you may choose a topic on computer architecture and earn good grades. What you love doing most will keep you motivated even when you run into difficulties.
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Course familiarity 

If you want successful coursework, choose a topic that you are familiar with. This means you must choose a topic that is within your course. If you are doing a programming course on an operating system, do not choose a topic on the Artificial Intelligence course.

When you choose a coursework topic outside your area of study, you will have to spend time studying on the topic before attempting to do it. There are several disadvantages to this – your lecturer might ask you to change the topic, you can easily be overtaken by time as you try to quickly study on the topic and you could get very low grades. Always consider your area of study.


Availability of resources

The reason why you want to choose the best topic is that you want to earn good grades. The ease of accomplishing your coursework will be determined by how fast you can access resources. Your resources will include access to programming languages, access to information from websites, your college computer lab, hardware and so on.

Sometimes during your coursework, you might need access to specialized courses, programming blogs, podcasts and many more. Some topics will have unlimited resources, while others might barely have any. You may at first choose 3 or 4 topics and search out to see which topic you will have access to a large number of resources.


Time frame

When considering the time frame, there are several things you can consider. Look at how much time you have, how conversant you are with your topic of choice and the resources you have. Some topics will require more time than others.

For example, if you will be doing a lot of coding and you are not familiar with this type of task, you might require more time to learn as you do your coursework. If the time frame does not allow, drop that topic and choose another that will fit within your time frame. Rushed coursework might give you poor grades and you might do better if you work at a slower pace.



Computer programming is a wide field and it might require students at the beginner’s phase to specialize in a single course before advancing. The choice of your coursework topic must be in line with your course if you want to achieve high grades.

It is important to give yourself ample time for your coursework and ensure you have access to every resource essential for your coursework. Always take time to study a few topics before settling on one.


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