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How to Unlock Your Apple iPhone 7 Using Unlock Phone Codes

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Do you need your iPhone 7 to work while traveling abroad? Are you fed up with the monthly bill that continues to rise with your current wireless carrier? Are you dropping calls more often than not? Then it’s high time you unlock iPhone 7. 

Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty sure that smartphones of all kinds are a pretty imperative piece of technology for a great deal of the civilized world. You see, my iPhone 7 looks pretty sweet. And … it works really well.. that is … when I am fortunate enough to get a signal. 

Of course, the struggle is real when it comes to achieving that feat. I basically find myself desperately searching for even the slightest glimmer of hope. Try as I might, I can’t get that one bar of service unless I literally climb to the top of a cell tower just so I can get a hint of a connection. Generally, this is over in “two shakes of a lamb’s tail.” And there I am, on the receiving end of a muffled conversation that eventually completely drops the call. 

I don’t want to live like that. 

When I got hoodwinked by my wireless carrier, I should have known that if it seems like an “offer I just can’t refuse,” then I probably should accept that something “too good to be true,” will ALWAYS come at a high cost of living. 

That’s why when I finally was ready to unlock iPhone 7 and feel like I had the right to choose my wireless provider, I knew I was going to be researching the various methods and solutions that will allow me to keep my iPhone 7 while transferring service to a wireless carrier that I could rely on. 


Flash Forward – How I Unlock iPhone 7

After much research, I discovered the ultimate solution. When we choose to unlock iPhone 7, there are a few different methods we can try in order to unlock the device. 

From what I’ve gathered, the best method to use that guarantees device unlock is to factory unlock.

In fact, this option is the most popular. Of course, that’s for some very good reasons. 

  • This is the quickest and easiest way to unlock iPhone 7. 
  • The #1 option to permanently unlock iPhone 7.
  • The official unlocking method that uses Apple servers.

So what does all of this mean, exactly? 

This essentially means that even after you update the iPhone’s system or perform a factory reset, the device will stay unlocked! Talk about a lifesaver! 


What You Need to Unlock iPhone 7

If you wish to unleash the beast and be able to choose any wireless carrier that you desire without having to ditch your iPhone 7, you’re going to need one thing. You’ll need to provide your iPhone’s IMEI/MEID number. 

There are a couple of ways you can go about finding this specific set of digits. 

  • Dial *#06# from your keypad. This will automatically prompt these digits to pop-up on your screen.
  • iPhone 7 Settings Menu
  • On the iPhone 7, you can even find this numerical identifier by looking at the back cover. You’ll see it in very fine print on the lower end of the cover. 


Step-By-Step Guide to Wireless Carrier Freedom

  1. After you gather that important piece of information, you’re almost ready to officially unlock iPhone 7. You’re going to need to purchase a SIM card for the wireless network of your choosing for it to work on the network you’re making the switch to. It’s important to realize that although you’re unlocking your device, every device has a specific band that it will work with. 

            For instance, my iPhone is a GSM band. So, I can take it off of AT&T but I can only choose a wireless provider that’s                  on  the very same bandwidth. Other customers looking to unlock iPhone 7 may be using the CDMA band. That means              they can leave Sprint, but they must choose another CDMA bandwidth in order for the SIM card to be compatible. 

  1. Provide the factory unlocking service with the existing wireless carrier information that’s connected to the iPhone 7. It’s vital that you know what the existing network is, and that you remove it to be able to use the iPhone 7 with your chosen provider. Time to kick that weak signal to the curb!
  2. One thing to remember: You need to verify the IMEI number. This is the way to know if it’s in a database that reports it as stolen, lost, damaged, or if it’s still under contract. 

Permanent Unlocking Solution = Success!

So, I can proudly say that the no-hassle process to unlock iPhone 7 works for me! It’s definitely a whole lot easier than I could imagine it to be. I’m already enjoying the new-found freedom that I had no idea would feel so AWESOME. 

My only advice is to be sure to go with a factory unlocking service that guarantees the “forever” unlock. You must ensure your safety and that isn’t in any way invasive. This means that you shouldn’t have to mess with the guts of your iPhone 7. Additionally, by no means will it require you to install any type of software on the device. 

Is it true that you’re searching everywhere both high and low for a better signal? Then it’s time to quit “beating around the bush.” The riskless way to ensure that you unlock iPhone 7 victoriously.


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