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How to Solve Battery Drain issue on MIUI 11

MIUI is that the official stock ROM otherwise you can say stock UI for Xiaomi Mi and Redmi series devices including Poco lineup. It’s designed and developed by Xiaomi itself that runs very smoothly and users love this ROM for day to day usage. a bit like the OxygenOS from OnePlus, the MIUI also polished and improved for better user experience. However, some times users may face battery-related issues on MIUI 11 that’s the newest version immediately . If you’re one among them, check the way to solve the battery drain issue on MIUI 11.

Last year in October, Xiaomi has officially released MIUI 11 global stable update timeline for its eligible devices which is usually inspired by Android 10 features. But the MIUI 11 firmware is out there for lots of Xiaomi devices that are running on Android 10 or 9.0 Pie. this is often one among the highlighted features of any custom skin that you simply don’t got to upgrade your device to the newest Android OS version so as to urge most of the newest features.

The MIUI 11 brings dark mode, improved gesture navigation, increased system stability, natural sounds, Mi Share, Screen Casting, New Panchang, New Game Turbo mode, Wireless Print, Nature Alarm, Dual Clock, improved icons/themes/battery mode, Always-on display (AOD), improved app vault, custom font, Mi Work Suit, Screen Time Management, Status Bar optimization, and more. Now, let’s jump into the troubleshooting guide below.


How to Solve Battery Drain issue on MIUI 11

Here we’ve shared a number of the possible solutions which will be helpful for you if you’re facing battery draining problems on your Xiaomi device running MIUI 11. As most of the time, after updating to the newest software version, most of the devices undergo with the battery draining issue which is sort of common and may be fixed easily by a software update.

Meanwhile, a number of the device users may face battery draining issues thanks to any third-party app, pending app updates, background running apps, outdated software versions, cache-related issues, etc.

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1. Check MIUI Software Update

First of all, you’ll got to attend the device Settings > About Phone > System update choice to check whether any new software update is out there or not. If available, confirm to download and install it by using Wi-Fi or mobile data.

We hope that the pending software update also can cause battery draining which should be fixed after installing the newest update. If not fixed yet, then inspect subsequent step.

2.Update All Pending Apps & Games

Just like the software update, we install numerous apps & games on our devices but mostly we forget to update them. However, some users update a number of the essential or daily using apps but what about the remainder of the apps or games. you’ll got to check and update all the pending apps & games whenever you’ll receive the app update notification.

Just head over to the Google Play Store app > Tap on the menu icon (hamburger) > My app & games > Tap on Update all.

3. Clear Cache of your phone to unravel Battery Drain MIUI 11

The cache is that the temporary data of your system and apps that also are stored which may cause battery draining, RAM management issues, and more. So, it’s a far better idea to clear cache manually from the device Settings > Storage > Tap on Cached data > it’ll ask you to Clear cached data? > Tap on OK.

Once done, reboot your handset and check whether the battery draining issue has been fixed or not. Additionally, you’ll clear the cache of any particular app if you think that that only a specific app is causing the difficulty or slowing down your phone. so as to try to to this, attend Settings > Apps & notifications > Installed apps > Type and look for the actual app > Tap on the app name > attend Storage > Clear Cache.

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4.Uninstall Rogue Third-Party Apps

Due to a number of the bad third-party apps, the battery juice and RAM management are often affected hugely. So, you’ll got to determine that unnecessary and high battery consuming apps on your device. Head over to the Settings > Battery > Power > Battery use. Here you’ll find which apps or services are taking an excessive amount of battery juice.

Except for the system services and stock apps, you’ll easily means which apps you’ll disable or delete from your device if not necessary. Simply long-press thereon app from the house screen or app drawer and tap on Uninstall.

5. close up Wake lock screen for notifications

This option is enabled by default your Xiaomi device. Whenever you receive a notification on your handset, the lock screen activates automatically and you’ll see all the received notifications at a look . This feature runs within the background and should take tons of battery juice.

In order to show off this feature, head over to the device Settings > Lock screen & password > close up the Wake lock screen for notifications toggle.

6. close up Connectivity Options to unravel Battery Drain MIUI 11

Make sure to show off all the additional connectivity options like Bluetooth, NFC, Location services, Wi-Fi Hotspot, roaming, etc. (if any) If you employ an online connection all day, just confirm to only enable mobile data or Wi-Fi whatever you employ . this may reduce the battery draining issue drastically.

Also, confirm to show off Scanning always available toggle under the Wi-Fi > Advanced settings. it’ll also prevent your device to scan for any nearest available Wi-Fi networks all the time.

7.Enable Auto-Brightness Feature

The display brightness feature should be set to automatic to scale back the battery draining issue if just in case you stay outside for hours under sunlight or maybe a coffee lighting conditions. In both cases, the automated brightness feature will adjust the screen luminosity consistent with the environment. It basically saves tons of battery juice and you’ll easily see the display contents without manually adjusting it.

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Head over to the device Settings > Display > luminosity > activate Automatic Brightness.

8. Use Dark Mode

The system-wide Dark mode has been introduced on MIUI 11 which provides a soothing cool look to the entire system and it saves tons of battery juice also if you’re using an AMOLED display device. Meanwhile, the dark mode also reduces eye strain in low light conditions.

In order to try to to this, attend the Settings > Display > Dark Mode > activate the toggle. you’ll also activate the worldwide dark mode if you would like .

9. Reduce Sleep Time

Head over to the device Settings > Lock screen & password > Sleep > Set it to fifteen seconds or 30 seconds. If you set the timing in minutes, the battery will drain faster.

10. Perform a Factory Reset to unravel Battery Drain MIUI 11

If in case, you didn’t find all of the solutions useful for your device, you’ll simply do a factory reset your handset for optimal results. so as to try to to this, let’s head over to the Settings > Additional settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset. it’ll take a while to delete everything on your device including app data, apps, internal storage, etc.

Once done, your device will reboot automatically within the system which may also take a while . Now, proceed to set-up and begin using your device again.

11. Check Battery Health

Some times, older device batteries or improper way of charging the battery can cause internal damage to the battery. In most cases, battery health gets decreased hugely which may also cause frequent battery draining. confirm to see the battery health status by installing any of the best-rated battery health status apps from the Google Play Store.

That’s it, guys. We hope you’ve found this guide useful. If you’ve any queries, allow us to know within the comments below.