Latest Web Design Trends for Betting Websites


The way betting websites look and feel was somehow consistent over the past few years, but more and more gaming operators are now awake to the new trends and the constantly-changing customer expectations. 

New revolutions in web design are produced all the time, and gaming operators were sold to the idea that offering premium-quality services is no longer enough in order to stand out from the competition. Today, gambling enthusiasts tend to assign great significance to the visual appeal of the platforms and the way they behave on desktop and handheld devices. 

Read ahead to find out what gambling enthusiasts want to see in terms of the design of the betting sites. 

3D Digital Artwork

The introduction of 3D designs is a trend many operators have already recognized and followed. The implementation of 3D elements is undoubtedly a sure-proof way to make an impression, but of course, the elements should be carefully chosen. Normally, when 3D elements are in place, the other parts of the betting platform are adjusted to counterbalance them, which is usually the case with the used color schemes. 

Exaggerated Elements

The implementation of exaggerated lettering is another trend, which is picking up steam. In spite of the fact that oversized elements are not necessarily appealing for gambling enthusiasts or synonymous with quality, if used properly, they might become an attention-grabber for users.  

Larger buttons or the brand’s message are also commonly found exaggerated elements, but of course, the rest of the content on the betting platform is also adjusted in order to correspond to the bigger characters. 

Refined Graphics and Animations

A couple of years ago, videos were frequently found on betting sites, but these days, operators tend to steer clear of their usage. Instead, they have started to put greater stress on the quality of the graphics and the animations to ensure that their customers will feast upon their betting platforms. Motion graphics are also making their way to an ever-growing number of betting websites. 

Of course, operators should not go too far with the usage of illustrations because, when overused, they are no longer appealing for users as they might find them distracting or even irritating. 

The Choice of A Theme

The branding of the betting websites is indeed of vital importance, but the theme also packs a punch. The betting website’s theme undoubtedly makes an impact, especially when it comes to multi-purpose betting platforms. 

When it comes to content-rich betting platforms, like, operators should make sure that each of the offered products gets equal presentation and is within easy reach. In other words, whenever gambling enthusiasts switch between the different selections, they should feel right at home, no matter if betting on sports, poker, or casino games is what they have on their mind.  

The availability of voice search is yet another novelty more and more operators now tap into. This is one of the most recent and the most sought-after developments in the design of betting websites as it guarantees greater convenience to users and allows them to interact with the platform with ease. 


In spite of the constantly changing web design trends, ease of use and functionality are still of major importance when betting over the Internet. Taking a share of the online gambling market does not go without providing gambling enthusiasts with smooth navigation, quick load times, and ease of use, and this is unlikely to change any time soon. 

More and more operators are now looking to offer no-frills betting websites where the color schemes are carefully chosen and the design is uncluttered. Operators now strive to get rid of the unnecessary information and properly arrange everything on their website to make them clean and tidy, thus allowing their users to switch between the available tabs and sections and find the information they need without difficulties. 

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