How to Mirror Your Android Display to PC

Mirror Your Android Display to PC
Mirror Your Android Display to PC
How to Mirror Your Android Display to PC - Mobile - Things being what they are, how would you demonstrate the substance on your Android cell phone through
  • There are times when our Android smartphone’s huge show doesn’t slice it with regards to indicating content. You require a TV or a PC to flaunt content in all its brilliance. Things being what they are, how would you demonstrate the substance on your Android cell phone through a PC? Indeed, it’s basic, you reflect your Android’s interface to a PC.
  • There are various situations where reflecting your Android gadget to a PC may prove to be useful. Be it needing to demonstrate a photo on a greater show to many individuals on the double, making an introduction through your Android gadget, giving demos of applications, an application designer needing to test his application without juggling amongst PC and telephone.
  • Presently you may ponder about how to mirror Android to PC. Don’t you stress, as we are here to tell you. Here’s the way you can reflect your Android’s interface to your Windows PC.

Mirror Android to PC through a wired connection

  • It’s obvious that we all prefer wireless connections. Nobody likes making wired connections but mirroring Android to a PC through a wired connection gives you much more control. With this method, you can actually control your Android smartphone right from your Windows PC, which makes it a lot handier. So, here’s how you can do it:
  1. Download Chromebrowser if you don’t have it on your system. Once you have downloaded Chrome and its up and running, install Vysor extension from the Chrome Web Store.
  2. On your Android smartphone, you will have to enable USB Debugging. The option to enable it is buried inSettings->Developer options.
  3. If you don’t see Developer options in your Settings page, go toSettings->About phone and tap the “Build number” button 7 times, after which it’ll say “you are a developer “.                                                                        How to Mirror Your Android Display to PC
  4. Connect your USB Debugging enabled smartphone to the PC through a USB cable.
  5. Open Vysorfrom the Chrome App Launcher.                                                                                                               How to Mirror Your Android Display to PC
  6. Vysor will search for devices and you will be prompted with a “Allow USB Debugging?” on your phone. Select “OK “.
  7. You will get a screen on your Android smartphone saying “Vysor is connected!” along with some keyboard shortcuts you can use.                                                                                                                                                         How to Mirror Your Android Display to PCThe Vysor mirror window will open up and you will see your Android device’s interface in its current state.
  8. You will now be able to control your smartphone right from the mirror window on your computer. The window also brings up navigational keys in case you have a smartphone with hardware keys. There are also buttons to increase or decrease sound, shutdown device, take screenshot, toggle soft input panel and rotate screen.

How to Mirror Your Android Display to PC

Note: Some Computers will need ADB drivers to start the mirror feature. You can download ADB drivers here.

  • Some important points to note here is that the mirrored interface on Vysor is very fluid and you will not feel an inch of lag. The ability to control your Android smartphone or tablet through your PC should come in handy for people, who have to juggle between their PC and smartphone all the time.
  • There are other apps as well that let your mirror Android to PC and Mobizenwas pretty popular until Vysor came along recently. Mobizen also lets you mirror your Android interface to a Windows PC but it requires you to download its Android app and its Windows software. While it’s similar to Vysor when it comes to features, it falls behind when it comes to ease of use. Unlike Mobizen, Vysor requires no Android app or Windows software, it only asks you to download a small Chrome app. It is also much easier to use, so Vysor wins this contest for us.


These are the best ways to mirror Android to PC, Mac or Linux

  • So, these are the best apps or tools you can use to mirror Android to PC. We tested a quite a few other apps and software but either they were too clunky or they just did not work. Mirroring also works best with a wired connection, where things were a lot smoother than a wireless implementation. A wired connection mirroring through Vysor also allows you to control the Android smartphone through your PC, which is a big bonus when compared to wireless offerings.

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