Dark Web Vs Deep Web

Surface Web Vs Dark Web

  • Surface Web - Content visible in normal search engines like google, bing etc.. Are referred as Surface Web
  • Dark Web - World Wide Web content that is not part of the Surface Web contents and it is not exposed to directed users but indexed by search engines.
  • In Simple terms, Most content that is not easily accessible/available using standard means (i.e. search engines ).
  • For example, web contents related to private user accounts are available in the deep web (Private Info).
  • The Deep Web content will be of almost 400-550 times bigger than the surface web.

Surface Web Vs Deep Web

Surface Web Deep Web
Entries are statically generated Entries are dynamically generated (submitted to a query or accessed via form).
Linked Content (web crawled) Unlinked Content
Readily accessible through any browser
or search engine unlike the Deep Web, which requires
special search engines, browsers, and proxies to access.
Contextual Web
Private Web
Scripted Content
Non-HTML content
Limited Access Content (anti-robot protocols like CAPTCHA)

Tor Browser – Usage

  1. “The onion router” is used to access the dark web
  2. Tor browser is similar to Similar to a Firefox browser. Simple and Any on can get it
  3. The reason for using Tor browser is, the Host machine is untraceable
    • Can stay anonymous - provides online anonymity by hiding users' IP address
    • Can access Darknet - Override online censorship by enabling the users to access blocked websites and/or webpages
    • Can see .onion extensions
    • Does not include default online tracking features
    • Does not make money out of users' data

How Tor Browser Works

 How tor browser works

Learn ethical-hacking - ethical-hacking tutorial - How tor browser works - ethical-hacking examples - ethical-hacking programs

Other Tools like Tor Browser

  • The Tor Browser is on the market for the GNU Linux, Mac OS, Microsoft Windows and Android operating systems. 
  • Tor is the foremost strictly tested tool for keeping your on-line activities anonymous. 
  • Below are the alternative tools that override on-line censorship and protective the confidentiality of your internet traffic. 
  • Unlike Tor, these tools need that you simply trust the service provider:
    • RiseupVPN - It’s is a free Virtual Private Network (VPN) proxy server compatible with many operating system like Linux, MAC, Android and Microsoft Windows.
    • Psiphon - It’s is a free commercial Virtual Private Network (VPN) product developed specifically for Microsoft Windows and Android.
    • Lantern - It’s is a free and open source circumvention high end anonymous tool for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

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