How to Find the IP Address of a Website

How to Find the IP Address of a Website

  1. Open the command prompt and type the following command to find the IP address of any website.
  2. Enter the "Tracert" command for your website. Type in tracert and type a space, then type in your website's address (excluding the "www." part).
    • For example, To search for Wikitechy Website IP address , you'd type tracert in the command prompt.
    • Make sure that you get the exact extension for the website (e.g., ".com" versus ".net").
    • There should be space between tracert and also the website's name.
  3. Tracert command is used to show several details about the path that a packet takes from the computer. The default settings for TRACERT will test over a maximum of 30 hops.
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Note the website's IP address. Next to the "Tracing route to [website]" line of text that appears, you'll see an address in a set of brackets; this is the website's IP address.

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