How to Hide Browsing History

How to Hide Browsing History

  • Modern browsers offer an increased privacy option that goes by a number of various names such as Incognito Mode in Chrome, Private Browsing in Firefox and Opera, InPrivate Browsing in Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge, and Private Window in Safari.
  • Basically, incognito mode means that the browser doesn't save cookies, temporary internet files or your browsing history when you are in incognito mode. The main thing is hide your browsing history from other people who use the same computer. If you have downloaded any files or bookmarks create will be kept. There are two types of privacy they are:
    • Local privacy and
    • Online privacy.
  • Only your local privacy, what people can see on the computer where your browsing takes place, is effected by switching to incognito mode. Your online privacy is not impacted in any way.
 Hide Browser History

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