Whatsapp Hack - How to create whatsapp contact shortcut on homescreen

Whatsapp Chat

  • First in your mobile WhatsApp has been opened, you will see the list of contacts and groups. If you want to create a shortcut any one contact to do now is long-tap.
  • A context menu is displayed on the screen after a short period of time that you can use to create a new conversation shortcut.
  • "Add conversation shortcut" option from the menu to be select, a shortcut is added to Android that you can use to load that contact directly in WhatsApp.
  • The icon shows the image of the contact or group, so that it can be simply identified.
  • To create a different way for shortcuts. Instead of long-tapping on contacts or groups, you open the conversation view.
  • In your device tap on the menu button and select more from the menu that opens up. After you can now select the "add shortcut" option from the menu to add a shortcut to your home screen.
 Whatsapp Chat

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