What are the levels of the web ?

Types of Web

  • Surface Web
  • Bergie Web
  • Deep Web
  • Charter Web
  • Marianas Web
  • Rumored Levels 6-8 Web
 Levels of the Web

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Surface Web

  • The web that the vast majority of internet users are accustomed to.
  • Accessible in any nation that does not block internet access, even places like China and Egypt.
  • Social media sites like Facebook, informational websites like Wikipedia, general websites, etc.

Bergie Web

  • The layer of the Surface Web that is blocked in some nations. Some other information is only accessible through illegal means.
    • Google locked results
    • Recently web crawled old content
    • Pirated Media
    • Pornography

Deep Web

  • Requires a proxy or two (namely Tor) to access.
  • It Contains most of the archived web pages of the 1990s Web that did not renew their domain names and such.
  • Government/Business/Collegiate Research.
  • Hackers/Script Kiddies/Virus Information.
  • Illegal and Obscene Content (CP, Gore, Suicides, etc.)

Charter Web

  • Like the Regular Deep Web, but harder to get into and more illegal content.
  • Advanced covert government research.
  • Most of the internet black market (run on bitcoins)
  • Human/Arms/Drug/Rare Animal Trafficking.
  • Assassination networks , bounty hunters, illegal game hunting, line of blood locations, etc.
  • More banned obscene content like CP, Gore, etc.

Marianas Web

  • Lowest known level of the Deep Web.
  • Named after the Spanish Technician who created it.
  • Extremely difficult to access, users say it is the safest part of the internet due to how private it is.
  • Julian Assange and other top-level Wikileaks members are believed to have access.

Rumored Levels 6-8 Web

  • Mostly the stuff of conspiracy theorists.
  • Level 6 is a giant firewall meant to prevent people from going any further.
  • Level 7 “The Fog” is where various worldwide power-players jockey for control of PrimArch. Said to be very dangerous, full of viruses and such.
  • Level 8 is called PrimArch and is claimed to be controlled by an extremely powerful AI (possibly running on a quantum computer).

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